Largest Companies by Revenue in Each State: MAP

At Broadview Networks not only are we committed to excellence in cloud-based phone systems, but we’re also dedicated to keeping up with all the latest business news and happenings.  When we saw the most recent release of the Fortune 500, it sparked our interest to learn more about who the largest companies by revenue are in each state.  We noticed that many states did not have companies included in the list, so we decided to perform our own research to find the largest company by revenue in each state based on the location of the corporate headquarters.  Using Hoover’s, a D&B Company, we were able to search through each state’s list of companies to find the largest.  Hoover’s database includes the most up to data financial information, showing revenue figures from the most recent fiscal year. To make it more visually appealing, we decided to create a map with each state as the company’s logo.  Take a look and let us know what you think, are you shocked about who is the largest company by revenue in your state?

Please note: We used Hoover’s company database as our source, not the most recent Fortune 500 list.  Location and state are based on the corporate headquarters of that company, no branches or foreign offices.  Lastly, we decided not to include any subsidiaries or government entities for the sake of staying consistent.


State by State Breakdown:

Alabama – Regions Bank

Location – Birmingham, AL

Revenue (Billions) – $5.89


Alaska – Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Location – Juneau, AK

Revenue (Billions) – $4.44


Arizona – Avnet, Inc.

Location – Phoenix, AZ

Revenue (Billions) – $25.45


Arkansas – Wal-Mart Stores

Location – Bentonville, AR

Revenue (Billions) – $476.29


California – Chevron Corporation

Location – San Ramon, CA

Revenue (Billions) – $228.84


Colorado – Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Location – Englewood, CO

Revenue (Billions) – $21.35


Connecticut – General Electric

Location – Fairfield, CT

Revenue (Billions) – $146.04


Delaware – E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Location – Wilmington, DE

Revenue (Billions) – $36.14


Florida – World Fuel Services Corporation

Location – Doral, FL

Revenue (Billions) – $41.56


Georgia – Home Depot International, Inc.

Location – Atlanta, GA

Revenue (Billions) – $85.53


Hawaii – Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.

Location – Honolulu, HI

Revenue (Billions) – $3.23


Idaho – Micron Technology, Inc.

Location – Boise, ID

Revenue (Billions) – $9.07


Illinois – Archer Daniels Midland

Location – Decatur, IL

Revenue (Billions) – $89.8


Indiana – WellPoint

Location – Indianapolis, IN

Revenue (Billions) – $71.02


Iowa – Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Location – Cedar Rapids, IA

Revenue (Billions) – $19.64


Kansas – Sprint Communications, Inc.

Location – Overland Park, KS

Revenue (Billions) – $34.56


Kentucky – Humana, Inc.

Location – Louisville, KY

Revenue (Billions) – $41.31


Louisiana – CenturyLink, Inc.

Location – Monroe, LA

Revenue (Billions) – $18.09


Maine – Hannaford Bros. Co.

Location – Scarborough, ME

Revenue (Billions) – $3.98


Maryland – Lockheed Martin Corporation

Location – Bethesda, MD

Revenue (Billions) – $45.35


Massachusetts – Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

Location – Boston, MA

Revenue (Billions) – $38.5


Michigan – General Motors

Location – Detroit, MI

Revenue (Billions) – $155.42


Minnesota – Cargill, Inc.

Location – Wayzata, MN

Revenue (Billions) – $136.65


Mississippi – Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Location – Laurel, MS

Revenue (Billions) – $2.68


Missouri – Express Scripts Holding

Location – St. Louis, MO

Revenue (Billions) – $104.09


Montana – Stillwater Mining Company

Location – Billings, MT

Revenue (Billions) – $1.03


Nebraska – Berkshire Hathaway

Location – Omaha, NE

Revenue (Billions) – $182.15


Nevada – Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Location – Las Vegas, NV

Revenue (Billions) – $13.76

New Hampshire – Sprague Resources LP

Location – Portsmouth, NH

Revenue (Billions) – $4.6


New Jersey – Johnson & Johnson

Location – New Brunswick, NJ

Revenue (Billions) – $71.31


New Mexico – Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Location – Albuquerque, NM

Revenue (Billions) – $2.05


New York – Verizon Communications

Location – New York, NY

Revenue (Billions) – $120.55


North Carolina – Bank of America

Location – Charlotte, NC

Revenue (Billions) – $101.69


North Dakota – MDU Resources Group, Inc.

Location – Bismarck, ND

Revenue (Billions) – $4.46


Ohio – Cardinal Health

Location – Dublin, OH

Revenue (Billions) – $101.09


Oklahoma – Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc.

Location – Oklahoma City, OK

Revenue (Billions) – $26.09


Oregon – Nike, Inc.

Location – Beaverton, OR

Revenue (Billions) – $25.31


Pennsylvania – AmeriSourceBergen

Location – Chesterbrook, PA

Revenue (Billions) – $87.95


Rhode Island – CVS Caremark

Location – Woonsocket, RI

Revenue (Billions) – $126.76


South Carolina – Sonoco Products Company

Location – Hartsville, SC

Revenue (Billions) – $4.48


South Dakota – Sanford Health

Location – Sioux Falls, SD

Revenue (Billions) – $3.1


Tennessee – FedEx Corporation

Location – Memphis, TN

Revenue (Billions) – $44.28


Texas – Exxon Mobil

Location – Irving, TX

Revenue (Billions) – $438.25


Utah – Huntsman Corporation

Location – Salt Lake City, UT

Revenue (Billions) – $11.07


Vermont – Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Location – Waterbury, CT

Revenue (Billions) – $4.35


Virginia – Freddie Mac

Location – McLean, VA

Revenue (Billions) – $81.22


Washington – CostCo Wholesale

Location – Issaquah, WA

Revenue (Billions) – $105.15


West Virginia – West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc.

Location – Morgantown, WV

Revenue (Billions) – $1.38


Wisconsin – Johnson Controls, Inc.

Location – Milwaukee, WI

Revenue (Billions) – $42.73


Wyoming – Cloud Peak Energy, Inc.

Location – Gillette, WY

Revenue (Billions) – $1.39


Sources: Hoover’s Inc., A D&B Company

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by Broadview Networks and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Note to Publishers: Feel free to use our map as long as it remains unaltered and you are linking back to the source.  Thanks!


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  • Lucifer

    You’d figure Apple be on the CA map

    • mojo

      jerusalem the 52nd state the 51st being england

    • Janice

      The Chinese produce their products. They just have the technology and support. Hard to imagine we cant manufacture Apple products in the US.

      • And Chevron gets their oil imported from all over. You really don’t think they sell domestic oil do you? They get a much higher price on the world market for what oil they do produce domestically which is only 25% of their worldwide production.

    • Logicalfallacy

      Apple the music/phone company? They are small time and way down the list in CA and the U.S. They have a recognizable brand but that’s about it.

    • Donald Draper

      It’s based on revenue not market capitalization. Apple’s 2013 revenue was $170 billion. Chevron’s was $220 billion.

  • ocirne

    did you leave Boeing off the list?

    • William

      Boeing’s revenue was less than ADM in FY 2013…$86 billion vs. $89 billion. Boeing HQ is in Chicago, Illinois; ADM in Decatur, IL.

      • Janice

        It totally amazes me that Walmart surpasses such large manufactures as Boeing, Lockheed and the major oil producers. That is how much Chinese crap we buy. No wonder China is so wealthy. They don’t pay the workers in sweatshops much.

        • Logicalfallacy

          Janice – get off the anti-Chinese kick – that’s all you’re focusing on. You don’t think Boeing or Lockheed have manufacturing in China? Why are you anti- free market? It isn’t Chinese crap…..It’s American products manufactured there which benefits American companies. Step away from the keyboard and get educated first. The World is Flat by Friedman might be a good start.

        • County4life

          Walmart is the second largest employer in the U.S. only
          “company” that employs more is our government. (armed forces, customs, border patrol, FBI, CIA, food inspectors, etc.). Have a friend who worked for 8 years in a nursing home p/t as a Cert. Nurses Aide), had to get done because of back problems, was hired by a local Walmart as a cashier at $2 more an hour. Guess that would make the nursing home the “sweatshop” in our area.

  • Michael Charter

    You have Keurig, based in Waterbury Vermont listed as being in Waterbury, CT.

    • Audrey Babbitt

      It is located in: Waterbury, Vermont, Green Mountains! I know because I am from Waterbury, Vermont.

  • Aaron

    WVU hospitals report revenues of less than 1 billion, yet you have them pulling in 42 billion?

    • Janice

      Sounds like the Obamacare website ☺

    • Kathy

      I wonder how WVU hospitals was considered the top in WV???

  • Steve

    What a surprise….an oil company in Texas 438billion…..i do believe that is the largest….

    • nate

      Wal-mart is the largest

    • Janice

      Check out Walmart lol

      • Janice

        They make a dang fortune off the Chinese products they sell. Imagine if they would only buy products made in USA how many jobs would be produced.

        • crewoldt

          They can’t pay us 10 cents an hour.

          • Janice

            Follow the conversation idiot. And what century are you from? No one makes any less than $8.+ and hr at Walmart. You must be one of the Sheeples who doesn’t work and depends on entitlements to live on.

          • crewoldt

            Wow, are you really that stupid, or just get your “news” from FOX “entertainment” network? Probably both. Chinese products Janass are made by Chinese, not Americans. That’s why your out of work mooching off the government. I’ve worked and paid my taxes like a real American for over 40 years while you disrespect your fellow Americans, our democracy, and our president. I love it when a flunkie like you calls a veteran and a Ph.D. an “idiot.” What is an entitlement anyway genius? Is it something we are entitled too because we have paid into it for over 40 years, and your corporate “owned” GOP is trying to strip away from us, so the rich can get richer at the expense of those who do the work? Or is it just racist code because you are too ashamed to show what a loser you really are by being afraid to compete on an equal playing field with those who would take everything you didn’t really earn in the first place. With your brains, YOU don’t deserve 10 cents an hour from what I can see.

          • Douglas Klinker

            Cool your jets pooch and actually READ the words she wrote.
            [They make a dang fortune off the Chinese products they sell. Imagine if
            they would only buy products made in USA how many jobs would be
            Ph.D. my ass….

            An ‘entitlement’? That comes in many forms. Anything linked to monies the Feds rapes from earnings ( Social Security & Medicare) is an EARNED entitlement whereas all gubmint tit-sucking programs are not, including but not limited to TANF, EBT, Medicaid, EIC -etc. Talk about an even playing field…. let’s make all 50 states RTW. Union pigs drive up the cost of every single consumer product and/or service and taxpayers get stuck with funding ridiculous pensions. Chew on that for a bit.

          • crewoldt

            Kiss my stinking arse “pooch.” I’ll cool my jets after I scorch your arrogant ass. Read the words I wrote and don’t try to explain to me in your ignorant way what I believe. That’s precisely the problem, you conservatards think you know it all, and you don’t know jack. You don’t deserve what you have, and you never did. You know it, and you see the tide turning, now you’re in a panic, so you have to lie, hate, cheat at the polls, and try to intimidate with guns and ammo. Well, that won’t even help your puffy white weak ass, because Kharma is a bitch, and she has a hell of a bite. I got something for you to chew on hang-lo. We’re taking out pensions, we’re taking what we deserve from the fruits of our labor, and you conservapig titsuckers are going to pay your taxes and stop trying to steal form everyone else. Your dumber than she is trying to butt in to a conversation you have no business in. You want competition? Let’s play. Who the hell are you anyway? I don’t respect you, so F off.

          • Arwen Bernard

            Wow someone has sand in their sandwich. You know, nothing you have said has any bearing on the topic. You started out earlier seemingly semi-good, then you lost all creditability once you started name calling. So what if someone does not have a PH.D, that does not make their point any less important. Also its not the GOP trying to keep the rich, rich. Really look at the bills and politics, it’s the democrats that are working that angel and have for hundreds of years. Why? Simple the more people they have relying on the government the more people they have control over. The GOP and Tea Party wants Americans to stand up and to stop taking from the government unless absolutely necessary.

          • crewoldt

            That “angel”? LOL GOP and Teabaggers a re full of crap and easily led like sheep, never mind abusive. I mean, look at FOX “news” for starters. Is it clear I don’t like you people? Good.

          • Arwen Bernard

            Last I checked we clean up after ourselves after our rallies, we do not resort to violence unless necessary, and for the most part we are very relax and laid back people until pushed to a point where there is no turning back. Please look at all the facts and stop with hate blinders.

          • crewoldt

            Well check again. The hate is spewed form the right-period.

          • Douglas Klinker

            I love the smell of Libotomy’s heads exploding in the morning.
            You’re partially correct about ONE thing. The tide is turning but not in the way your pathetic pile of bovine scatology perceives.
            2010 was a ‘shellacking’ according to the sh!tstain who’s usurping our WH and 2014 will be tar & feathers. I would strongly suggest you invest in a sturdy pillow, some serious pharmaceuticals, make your appointments to see your shrink early and obtain at least one local suicide prevention hot-line #. You’ll be needing them all.

          • crewoldt

            That’s actually the small of you talking out your ass.

          • Steven Tibbs

            every person has the right to purchase or not purchase Chinese made goods……it takes a little effort but is worth it….check out your local Ace Hardware store, they make an effort.

          • willie kingfish

            I think you are rite i know one thing for sure you hit a nerve with your reply to creworthless also i think he is the moron and also an obummer supporter.

          • crewoldt

            rite? What’s “right” is what I am saying. Note number of likes versus number of trolls. Enough said. Now back to topic. This article was a great idea, love it. My point to Janass, whether she likes it or not, was WalMart makes a “dang” fortune off he products they sell because they exploit Chinese labor at the expense of jobs in the USA, as well as the employees in the U.S. A. that live on poverty wages. You don’t have to like it, but you have to accept it. It’s called truth. I like it. I was trained as a military officer to make informed decisions. Decisions based on faulty judgement are usually poor decisions. That obviously plays out every day in life and politics. Obviously, that hits a nerve with RWNJs.

          • Texas Oil

            Are you an independent?

          • crewoldt

            I suppose so. I voted Republican in the 80s when I thought we went too far left. Now we are too far right. We need balance and moderation.

  • no name

    According to Transamerica’s LinkedIn page, they are in Cedar Rapids, not Cedar Point. There is no city of Cedar Point in Iowa.

    • Digavijoe

      Center Point is a city in Linn County, Iowa, United States. The population was 2,421 at the 2010 census. Transamerica Life Insurance Company ain’t there like you said!!

  • Patrick

    Transamerica Life Insurance Company is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There is no city or town in Iowa called Cedar Point.
    Its also hard to believe this is the largest revenue producing company in Iowa. But I did not do the research.

    • Digavijoe

      There is a Cedar Point Iowa but Transamerica Ins is not there!! Center Point is a city in Linn County, Iowa, United States. The population was 2,421 at the 2010 census.

  • Elizabeth

    For Delaware you have E.I. Dupont it is actually A.I. Dupont

    • Winky Cat

      The founder was “Eleuthere Irenee” du Pont.

    • AEWol

      No, E. I. stands for Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, who founded the company in 1802.

  • renukumar

    what would be interesting to know is the status of them year by year as to how each of these big ones did over a period of time …say for about past 10-15 years…

  • Bryan

    The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation is a (quasi) governmental entity, established by the state to invest Alaska’s rainy day fund.

    • John

      Virginia’s is Freddie Ma–which is definitely a quasi-governmental department! Not only was it started as a “government sponsored enterprise” (GSE), but the federal government put it under a “conservatorship” (basically legal control) and committed tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to keep it from going underwater.

  • aaron

    Verizon telecommunications headquarters is in basking ridge NJ. There are other discrepancies as well. I find this map to be suspect.

    • Winky Cat

      Their “corporate” office/headquarters is still listed as being in NY. From what I read, Basking Ridge is “operations headquarters” for wireless and some other divisions.

  • Kathy

    Why didn’t Microsoft make the list? Shocking.

  • stephensacks

    Try looking up C&S if you’d like to get your New Hampshire state accurate to the closest $20 billion

  • Jared

    The map for Kansas is dead wrong. Sprint’s $34.56 billion is a paltry amount compared to Koch Industries, Inc. which raked in $115 billion. I’d say some of the analysts at Hoover’s need to look at the numbers again. Considering the high profile of KII, I can’t imagine how they missed it.

    • Logicalfallacy

      They used Hoover’s instead of Fortune 500 which is their first mistake. Accordingly, Kansas only has one F500 and it is Seaboard Corp ($6.6B rev). at number 386. I’m not sure why F500 or Hoover’s doesn’t recognize Koch Industries.

      • E.A. Blair

        Probably because neither Hoover’s not Forbes includes privately held corporations – only public ones.

  • Daniel Fleck

    Wouldn’t market cap be a better indicator of the largest company? P&G (based in Cincinnati) is a much larger company than Cardinal Health. I guess the Fortune 500 list is also sorted by revenue, but doesn’t factor in the differences in economic performance year to year.

    • Donald Draper

      The two are completely different factors. While market cap might give us an indication of which company is larger in the long run, revenue is a better current financial measure

  • wadedorrell

    Hoover’s data for Idaho smells wrong. Albertsons LLC was reported (by the Idaho Statesman) to be at $21B revenue in 2013, and has been higher. Even with all the slicing and dicing going on at Albertsons it seems unlikely it’d be lower than Micron at $9B in whatever mystery year is being measured here.

    • Andre

      Albertsons is part of a different company now, and isn’t headquartered in Boise anymore. Hasn’t for over a decade.

  • Sarah Bourne

    What about the US Territories? I live in the USVI and would be interested to know what is going on there. Why no love for the territories? We’re the US, too!

  • John Mack

    You should also list as one “industry” all the major defense contractors in each state. Combined they may be bigger than the biggest you have listed.

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