How Our Cloud Phone System Works

OfficeSuite's powerful IP telephony system

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How our cloud-based unified communications phone system works

While the phones are in your office, the intelligence of the service is secure in our cloud, so no matter where you are, you can use the OfficeSuite® hosted business phone system to increase employee productivity and mobility. This is true of our next-gen desk phones and our NEW cordless phones. Since OfficeSuite®is cloud-based, larger organizations can implement one solution that unifies their phone system, fax, HD video, web and audio conferencing and, and toll-free services across all of their sites. It even lets you manage all these services from one easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website called MyOfficeSuite™.

OfficeSuite® is an IP phone system, meaning it transmits voice, fax and other data packets over  our private IP network or securely over the public Internet. Unlike other providers, we own a fully redundant and scalable advanced, converged network based on a robust fiber-optic backbone. The benefit for you is higher voice quality and carrier-grade reliability.

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Upgrade to a feature-rich, IP phone system that unifies all your business communications in the cloud without having to purchase expensive equipment or costly maintenance contracts.

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OfficeSuite® cloud phone systems are not only scalable, but they are affordable as well.

Any size business can benefit from enterprise-grade tools, services and features. As your business changes, the OfficeSuite® hosted IP virtual phone system will grow and adapt with you. Maintenance and equipment, including high-quality Mitel® IP phones, are included, and there’s no capital investment required for our cloud phone systems.

Best of all, OfficeSuite® is easy to set up. Let us configure an all-inclusive, virtual cloud-based system for your business.


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