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Since it's in the cloud, your office is anywhere you are

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The OfficeSuite® Virtual Office

Find virtual office solutions for any size business and budget. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small start-up, or a traditional company with remote workers or frequent travelers, OfficeSuite® lets you maintain a professional image wherever you are while keeping your operating costs down.

The Value of Our All-In-One Virtual Office Solution

Get everything you need to communicate over the phone, online and via fax in one solution. OfficeSuite unifies all your business communications in the cloud so you get: a complete phone system, unlimited calling plan*, Internet fax, website to make instant updates and changes, and high-quality Mitel® phones—all for NO upfront cost, NO maintenance contract and LOW monthly fees.

Project a Professional Company Image

Your business is not limited to your location.  If you have a laptop and Internet access, you can project the look and feel of a large corporation with our virtual office phone system.

Make It Your Virtual Office

With hundreds of built-in phone features and Internet fax* included, it’s easy to customize the OfficeSuite® virtual office system to meet your specific needs.

A Powerful System That’s Easy To Manage

You don’t need an IT department to manage OfficeSuite®.  With our easy-to-use website, anyone can make changes to the system on the fly.  Easily set preferences, add or remove users, and determine call forwarding options.

Take The Office With You

OfficeSuite® creates a virtual office that is completely portable.  If you have frequent business travelers or remote workers, give them access to all the same calling features they have in the office – same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail. Make and receive calls, voicemails and faxes from anywhere, even your mobile devices.

Stay On During A Disaster

In the event of a disaster or inclement weather, you can redirect calls, send and receive faxes and work from anywhere on virtually any device, just like you were in the office, so you avoid major revenue loss.

Increase Your Adaptability and Scalability

Whether or not your business survives depends on how quickly you can adapt to change.  With OfficeSuite®, you can instantly scale up or down to respond to changes and avoid paying for services you’re not using.

Improve Customer Interactions and Productivity

OfficeSuite® offers call center services (also known as Automatic Call Distribution or ACD) that turn your small business into a virtual call center. Improve productivity and customer satisfaction with tools that drive change.


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