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How IP Phones Work

Learn How IP Phones Work for Your Business

Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite service is a cloud-based phone solution that provides small and medium-sized businesses with an enterprise-grade phone system and service, typically without any capital investment or increased support staff.

Diagram of how IP phones work for OfficeSuiteThe solution includes phones and all the network services that support voice and Internet access services. But many people ask how IP phones work.

How does an IP phone work

IP phones work similarly to traditional phone systems, but instead of using a traditional phone line and phone network, our system uses Internet Protocol (IP) and your local area network (LAN) to move your calls and other information across your own office network and your phone provider’s network. This is the same network and protocol used by your computers, printers and other devices. This makes it far more efficient as you and your IT staff only need to operate and maintain one internal network for all communications – likely the same one you have today.

With OfficeSuite, Broadview takes it one step further and hosts the phone system in the cloud so there is nothing new to store, cool, or manage in your office. All of the system hardware and maintenance is done by professionals, freeing your staff for more strategic projects.

This is not how IP phones work from most providers.

Unlike traditional and other IP phone systems where the system intelligence is in your telecom closet or in the phones, the intelligence of the OfficeSuite system is in our cloud-based system.

OfficeSuite’s IP phones simply take your voice, digitize it and then send the call and some other information as data through your local network to our servers hosted in a secure data center within our carrier-grade network. Then we take the calls to their final destination – the person you called.

Between your employees’ (users) phones and the core phone network is the OfficeSuite web site that gives your system administrators and your employees direct control over the system and their phones, whether they are in or out of the office. Employees can quickly and easily set preferences, enable features and make real-time changes without any maintenance contract, additional charges or lengthy delays. Gone are the days when IT staff or employees have to know how IP phones work.

Within each business location, a person or small group of people are identified as system administrators. For most customers, administrators are usually the office manager, receptionist or the same person who made the decision to buy OfficeSuite. Companies with I.T. staff can also utilize these resources, but, unlike many other systems, advanced training is not required to manage the system.

System administrators can easily manage the day-to-day changes to the overall OfficeSuite environment. Administrators can quickly add and remove users or locations with just a few mouse clicks. These users also create and edit group profiles that establish the company rules for how and when certain groups within the company can access services and features, like long distance and international calls.

Hopefully this answers the question, “How does an IP phone work.”

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