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What Equipment Do I Need To Use A VoIP Phone Service?

How to avoid the pitfalls of VoIP phone service equipment using the cloud

It used to be that researching, designing and installing the equipment needed for VoIP was an academic exercise. The first step is/was understanding your organization’s requirements; how many phones, how many calls, how many voicemail messages, how long are typical voicemail messages, what features are needed, what features would be nice to have, how many simultaneous calls are needed. The list seems endless.

Picture of wires from voip phone service equipment

But as VoIP matured, VoIP equipment providers took the liberty of guessing at some of those answers to make their VoIP phone service equipment easier to buy. VoIP equipment also began to include more features, so many of those questions became irrelevant….or did they?

The Myth of VoIP

The fact is, it is still difficult to research, design and install the equipment needed for VoIP. Those assumptions made by the VoIP equipment providers are only guesses and often include the use of averages…and more often than not, you’ll run over those averages.

Here is an example: one of our customers, Atlantic County Women’s Center, inherited VoIP equipment, a whole system, when she took on a new role as CFO. Within a few weeks, her agents complained that their voicemail boxes were full. CFO Caren Fitzpatrick called in the VoIP equipment salesman who originally sold the system and he was eager to tell her that she needed a new voicemail card, at a cost of about $10,000. Fitzpatrick reluctantly paid and the new voicemail card was installed. Fast forward six months and the agents again complained of voicemail boxes being full.

The VoIP equipment salesman returned and this time brought even worse news – they needed an entire new system because the one that was sold, was designed for “average” users. Apparently the non-profit agents keep messages on the system from clients who tended to talk longer than “average”. So Fitzpatrick asked once again, “What Equipment Do I Need To Use A VoIP Phone Service?”

The Reality of the Cloud

OfficeSuite hosts all the equipment needed for VoIP in the cloud, so there is nothing to size, buy or manage. And virtually everything is included, all the phones, features, and all the VoIP equipment.

Moving to the OfficeSuite cloud also means you never have to worry about “averages” or scale. Our VoIP phone service equipment supports over 80,000 business users today and is growing larger every month. We include virtually unlimited calling plans, auto-attendants, call groups, users and voicemail messages, so you never have to worry about that dreaded upgrade call to your VoIP equipment salesman.

And while many cloud-based providers limit the VoIP equipment options, OfficeSuite gives companies a broad choice in phones and devices. Executives and their support teams will likely want lots of buttons to program, so our Color Touch Screen LCD Phone or Backlit LCD 48-Key Phone are easy choices. Other employees may do fine with ourBacklit LCD 24-Key Phone or the LCD Phone. We even have small phones for a point of sale or break room and wirelesshandsets and headsets.

See for yourself by asking for a direct comparison of your current phone system to the OfficeSuite system.

Move out of your closet and into the cloud!

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