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Life is Better in the Cloud: Broadview Networks’ Cloud-Based Phone System Is a Cut Above the Others

Benefits of the OfficeSuite Internet Phone System Overshadow Competing Cloud-Based Systems

According to Forrester Research’s Global Tech Market Outlook 2012 to 2013, there is a slowdown in 2012 IT product growth that is concentrated in the communications equipment product category. In fact, Forrester predicts an almost 1 percent decline in communications equipment purchases.

The Mass Migration from On-Site to Cloud-Based or Internet Phone Systems

There are countless reasons why so many companies are moving away from equipment-based phone systems—they are expensive, inflexible, and not conducive to easy scalability just to name a few. But perhaps most importantly, traditional phone systems that require equipment to be stored at your office become technically obsolete, fast. It’s almost like buying a new car—the minute you drive it off the lot it dramatically drops in value. The same can be said about premises-based phone systems. So what are companies buying instead? The answer lives in the cloud.

Cloud-based phone systems, also sometimes called Internet phone systems, like Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite, enable businesses like yours to get Fortune 500 features and applications without spending a fortune and without having to replace the system within a few years of purchase. But with a plethora of cloud-based (or Internet phone systems) to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business?

Many cloud-based phone systems are designed by engineers who focus on the features that they think businesses want, but Broadview Networks takes the exact opposite approach. Our engineers focus on what businesses really need, which is an easy-to-use system that helps solve everyday challenges . . . and that is why OfficeSuite was designed with your employees in mind. At Broadview, we are committed to:

When Should You Replace Your On-Premises Business Phone System with a Cloud-Based One?


Don’t just take my word for it—ask Diane Myers, the directing analyst at Infonetics Research. In her recent whitepaper, “The Benefits of Cloud-Based Telephony,” Myers explains that because of the increasing number of service and equipment options, there has never been a better time to buy a new phone system. The whitepaper also explains why so many organizations are choosing cloud-based telephony services over premises-based PBXs. See for yourself how much money you can save by replacing your traditional phone system with a cloud-based one like OfficeSuite.

What Makes Broadview’s OfficeSuite Unique?

The survey says: OfficeSuite is the easiest-to-use business phone system.*

Again, there is no need to take only my word for it—just ask one of the nearly 100,000 professionals from across the country who rely on OfficeSuite every day. Here are some of the things our OfficeSuite clients had to say:

  • The whole OfficeSuite experience was very easy. It gives me the ability to monitor and control the entire system from one website.  When I log in, I can literally see every phone in the whole company. As the IT director for a multi-site business, having that visibility and control is priceless.”

 --Dara Masi, IT Director, American Dental Offices, PLLC

--Jeff Cushing, Chief Financial Officer, The Niles Company

--Larry Haley, Telecommunications Manager, Jewish Guild for the Blind

Planning your company’s move to cloud-based telephony services is easy with Broadview Networks. We give you one dedicated point-of-contact who walks you through every step and ensures that everything is working properly. In addition, our experts are here to help 24/7/365, so whenever you have a question they are available to assist you. Start planning your move now by:

We look forward to showing you how your business can be so much better in the cloud.

*Based on the responses of business people participating in demonstrations of the OfficeSuite service. For details talk to a Broadview Networks representative.

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