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How to Upgrade to Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite in Just 5 Easy Steps

Moving Your Phone System to the Cloud Has Never Been Easier

Want to move your phone system to the cloud but not sure where to start? Let us show you how 5 easy steps will get your business up and running with Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite—our award-winning, affordable phone system that over 80,000 business people nationwide use every day. Upgrade to the easiest to use business phone system* that gives your business everything it needs for NO capital expense, NO maintenance contracts, and NO hidden fees—just low, predictable monthly payments that help you lower and control your costs.

Designed for Ease of Use

Everything about OfficeSuite was designed to be extremely easy—it’s easy to use, easy to manage, easy to scale, and first and foremost, easy to install. The same is true about ordering—we make ordering your new OfficeSuite system fast and easy . . . just follow these 5 easy steps:

1) How Many Business Locations Do You Have?

Simply select how many business locations need OfficeSuite phone service, and enter the mailing address for each. These are the same addresses where we will ship your new OfficeSuite phones and equipment.

2) Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers or Pick New Ones

After entering your business address or addresses, then choose a main phone number for each location. These phone numbers can either be existing numbers that you would like to re-use in your new OfficeSuite system, or brand new numbers that we assign you. If you choose to keep existing numbers, you will have ample time to set up and play with your phones before we port your numbers.

3) Pick Your Phones

Next, select the type and quantity of phones for each location. We offer the latest in IP phone technology from Mitel, and best of all the phones are included in the cost of your new OfficeSuite system. Check out our newest phone—a Color Touch Screen LCD IP Phone. It is the perfect phone for the modern executive or manager. Need a phone in a break room or even next to a cash register? Check out our slim phone. Have employees who frequently travel or work from home? They need our PC-based softphone!

4) Select How Much Call Capacity You Need

Your desired SCC (Simultaneous Call Capacity) is the maximum number of active calls that can take place at the same time at one location. Based on the number of phones you order, we’ll give you the recommended level of SCC. However, if you don’t want your employees to have to share lines, or wait for a line to be free, then you can increase your desired level of SCC at any time.

5) Extend the Functionality of Your Phones with Advanced Accessories

At this point, you’ve chosen how many OfficeSuite desk phones you’ll need, but your system is not yet complete. Next, select any additional equipment you may require. Do you have conference rooms? Check out our conference units that can attach to either the Backlit LCD 48-Key Phone (perfect for executives and managers) or Backlit LCD 24-Key Phone (the ideal phone for the majority of your staff.) There are many ways you can extend the functionality of your OfficeSuite phones, including but not limited to Programmable Key Modules (PKMs), wireless handsets and wireless headsets.

What Happens After You Order

After you place your order, we will begin configuring your service and ship your phones.   Note that the OfficeSuite service comes with an employee and administration website that may be used after your service is up and running to add and change users, as well as edit preferences. And best of all, you don’t need an IT degree to use it. Some of our smaller companies without dedicated IT staff have their office manager or receptionist make changes the system; it is that intuitive and easy to use! Adding a new user or changing your call routing options takes seconds or minutes—simply point and click.

We will train the person in your company who will manage the system, who we call the Tenant Administrator, and he/she in turn can show your employees how to set up their own preferences, features and voicemail. We will provide training before we start your service so that you will be ready to use your new OfficeSuite system once it is installed.

Install the Phones Easily Yourself or Let Us Help You

OfficeSuite is so intuitive that you can install the phones yourself, or enlist our help for a small fee. Broadview will send a network professional to your location(s) to install a circuit if you choose to have OfficeSuite run over our advanced, converged network. If you are using your own Internet access (or another service provider’s), then there is nothing you need to do besides installing the phones.

You Are Never Left Alone – Broadview is Always Here to Help

Unlike other cloud-based service providers, Broadview Networks does not simply ship you phones and point you to instructions online. While there are lots of video tutorials and best practices guides available online 24/7 to help you, we pride ourselves on giving you the best customer experience possible. During the buying process, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager whose job it is to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless transition to OfficeSuite. They are with you every step of the way and will customize OfficeSuite to meet your business’ unique needs.

Start your order today by seeing a personalized demonstration of the OfficeSuite system and features, compare your current bill to see how much you can save, or get a quick quote.

*Based on the responses of business people participating in demonstrations of the OfficeSuite service. For details talk to a Broadview Networks representative.

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