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Mitel IP Phones: Improving Internet Phone Systems

Mitel Phone System - Get the 5360, 5340, 5330 and 5320 Models

There are many factors to consider when looking for a cloud-based Mitel phone system. Broadview uses Mitel IP Phones because we know you want the system to be intuitive; but what is the point of having an office phone system if it isn't easy to use?

The most user-friendly phones on the market include lots of buttons so that employees can set up their own speed dials without having to bother the help desk. Not only can the right IP phones ease the burden on your IT support staff, but they can also increase employee productivity by offering one-touch access to powerful phone features. Want to increase your team’s flexibility even more? Look for IP phones that offer compatible extended key modules and wireless accessories.

Research Made Fast and Easy

If you Google ‘business phone systems’ you will be barraged with companies that help you in your endeavor by evaluating numerous phone systems to see how they compare. You must still do your due diligence in researching systems in order to find the right one for your business, but you do not want to waste too much of your time. My recommendation is to find a company that has already taken the time to compare their software to other products on the market. This saves you time and shows you at-a-glance what features and benefits they offer compared to other systems.

Every Business Needs an Easy-to-Use Mitel Phone System

Photo of Mitel phone system Switchboard 

I’d wager a bet that the most important deciding factors when searching for a new business phone system are cost-efficiency, voice quality and ease of use (which translates into increased efficiency). Many phone systems offer IP phones that have attention-grabbing bells and whistles, but if they are not easy to use and do not offer ways to extend the functionality of the phones then they will not help your business. Can IP phones do both—be easy to use and offer advanced features? (When we say ‘easy to use’, that is exactly what we mean—our customers rarely, if ever at all, need to open a Mitel phone system manual!)

Mitel® IP Phones from Broadview Networks Give You the Best of Both Worlds

How can they do that? Let me count the ways:

  • They are high quality.
  • They are simple to program and customize.
  • They offer a wide range of Mitel IP phones and accessories.
  • They are tailored to meet the needs of different workforce groups.
  • They offer advanced capabilities that enable enhanced mobility, flexibility and agility.

Broadview’s cloud-based phone system is called OfficeSuite, and it was designed to simplify business communications. Our engineers achieved this by designing everything with the end user (i.e., your employees) in mind. So when it was time to select the brand of phones we offer with the system, the clear choice was Mitel. We wanted the same ease of use that OfficeSuite offers to be provided by the phones also.

Phone is a Phone is a Phone is a Phone

This adaptation of the famous sentence by Gertrude Stein often misleads people into thinking that all phones (or in Stein’s case, roses) are the same. But what she really meant was that using the name of something naturally brings to mind images and emotions that you associate with it. If you are not familiar with Mitel IP phones and accessories, then have no fear. Just keep reading. OfficeSuite Mitel IP Phones include:

  • Mitel 5360 = “Super cool” color touch screen LCD phone.(Yes, that is a technical term),
  • Mitel 5340 = “Revolutionary” backlit LCD 48-key phone. (Seriously, prepare yourself.)
  • Mitel 5330 = “Powerful” backlit LCD 24-key phone. (Don’t let it go to your head.)
  • Mitel 5320 = “Very fast” LCD IP phone. (Another technical term.)
  • Mitel 5304 = “Small yet powerful” (While not politically correct, the image in my head is a little person with a black belt in karate. Just pretend it’s the 50s.)

Go Wireless Without Any Risk

How do you make your employees more productive and your business more agile? Go wireless! We understand that you have to move around while still keeping in touch with clients, prospects, partners, and other members of your organization. That is why our award-winning Mitel phone system offers the highest quality accessories that extend the functionality of our easy-to-use Mitel phones.

While increasing your team’s mobility does improve productivity, how do you ensure you improve your bottom line as well? Choose a phone system that is future proof so that you don’t have to replace it within a few years. The phone system your CFO will appreciate is the one that easily adapts as your needs change and scales as your business grows so that you aren’t forced into buying an entirely new system when you want new features or just need the room to grow.

We carry Mitel IP phones because you can easily extend their functionality easily and increase your team’s mobility. Check out the following accessories that help you do just that:

  • IP Wireless Headsets
  • Extenfed Key Module
  • Conferencing Unit
  • Gigabit Ethernet Stand

You Have to See It To Believe It

Jaded? Yes. True in regards to IP phones? Yes.

We are fully aware, so don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how easy the OfficeSuite phones are to customize and use.

Not sure which phones are best for your business? We’ve created a table that quickly shows you the features and benefits of each phone and accessory so that all your employees get devices that suit their changing needs.

Now stop reading and start your business’s journey to affordable, advanced IP phone capabilities by seeing a live demonstration of OfficeSuiteseeing how much money it can save you (the average mid-size business saves nearly $40K!) or requesting a quote.

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