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(3 of 6) Turn Your Small Business Phone System into a Revenue Engine

Invest in Sales People, Not the Overhead!

Editors Note: This is the third in a series of articles on how to make your small business phone system work harder to grow revenue. The first article shows you how to know exactly where to invest marketing and sales investments, while the second article can help you become more local...everywhere!

Increase presence and revenue without the risk with virtual offices

Opening a new office in a new territory is expensive. You have to invest not only in new people, but also in new office buildings or space, new equipment, new…everything. Or do you?

Why not test new regions by hiring contract sales people in a market where your competitors currently have significant market share or sales presence? Doing so allows you to test the waters without having to make such a large investment.

photo of small business phone system virtual office
Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes via Flickr

As for staying in touch, the OfficeSuite phone system makes that easy too. We can extend your small business phone system to your new sales person with a Mitel phone, by giving them a Softphone so they can make and receive calls from their own laptop, or by giving them an extension on the phone system that forwards to another phone, like their home or cell.

A virtual office set-up like this gives you ultimate flexibility and affordability when hiring new sales people.

Sound confusing or complex? It's not, it is actually easier than you think. A live demonstration via web conference will show you exactly how easy OfficeSuite® is to use.

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