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(4 of 6) Turn Your Small Business Phone System into a Revenue Engine

Make Sure Revenue Stays with Your Company with an Advanced Small Business Phone System!

Editors Note: We are over half way through our series on how to turn your small business phone system into a revenue engine. This is the fourth installment and you can review all the other installments on our blog. This post really drives at helping you continue to make revenue even if your investment mechanism check out. 

Admit it, most sales people are fickle. Many sales people feel the grass is greener with your closest competitor. Sales turnover is a fact of life for many companies, but dealing with the effects of turnover is something you must manage so that you can maximize your initial investment in sales teams.

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OfficeSuite’s mobile twinning feature and other mobility features let you do just that. When enabled, OfficeSuite can send calls to your sales peoples’ (or any employees’) desk phone and mobile phone at the same time. This way they never miss a call or an opportunity to close a new deal.

But take this a step further.

When sales people leave a company, they often take your best contacts—or worse —customers with them! How can you avoid this? Well, the first step is not publishing personal cell phone numbers on business cards or email signatures.

With mobile twinning, calls continue to reach your employees where and when they want… unless they are no longer part of your company. When sales people leave your company, their prospects continue to call your phone number which you can easily direct to another employee on the system.

How much does a single lost deal or lost month of revenue cost your business? In many cases, about the same as a year of OfficeSuite service for your entire organization.

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