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(5 of 6) Turn Your Small Business Phone System into a Revenue Engine

Start a New Sales Channel Without Any New People Using Your Small Business Phone System!

I remember a company all-hands meeting where the CEO asked, “Would all the sales people please raise their hands?” Problem was only about one-third of the hands in the room went up, to which the CEO responded, “I better see every hand up.” Point being, all your employees should be sales people, but training non-sales people to sell is often hard and making them effective is even harder. And your small business phone system should be able to help.

And even more ironic, your non-sales employees—those in customer service, billing etc. —usually have the best relationship with and the most knowledge about your current customers. With proper supervision and coaching, non-sales people can be effective at generating revenue. Here’s how.

photo of small business phone system can un-cork revenue by helping upsell customers
Photo by DaGoaty via Flickr

Have relevant non-sales employees upsell! Provide incentives and commission and make sure you coach employees in this effort. Call center tools are part of the OfficeSuite small business phone system. These tools allow you to record and score individual calls; it also enables managers to listen in on active conversations to hear how employees are dealing with callers.

Best of all, these tools help you improve not only upselling performance, but also your overall customer experience. A famous PC maker once reported that 90% of all profit was made from upselling. How much money is your company leaving on the table?

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