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No Complaints from Conestoga Bank in Their Review of Broadview Service

Regional Bank’s Review of Broadview Service

Brian Houy, the Vice-President of IT for Conestoga Bank, gives his review of Broadview Service and has no complaints! With 14 branches in the Greater Philadelphia area, Conestoga Bank has developed a strong regional presence as a personal and commercial financial institution. Their customers trust the bank with their assets and Conestoga Bank trusts Broadview Networks with its data and voice services./p>

Photo of Contestoga Bank reveiw of broadview networks

“We require maximum uptime—because when a bank is down, people can’t get to their money,” Houy said. “We have a great partnership—because Broadview is reliable.”

Houy came into contact with Broadview when Conestoga Bank acquired First Penn Bank in 2006. Houy was faced with some hard decisions. After a review of Broadview services, he knew he needed to either consolidate networks, services and providers or hire additional resources to manage the complexity that the acquisition brought.

The newly acquired First Penn had been using Broadview services and after a careful review of the Broadview history of the service, Brian decided to leave the existing data infrastructure in place and convert the bank’s business voice lines to PRI trunks, creating a meshed voice network.

This new network leverages Broadview’s Frontline MPLS network for its data, Internet and voice services; video conferencing; banking transactions; and to link the bank’s 12 ATM locations in and around the region.

With MPLS, organizations can securely link multiple sites together in a seamless network so all services can run on one network but each service layer can be individually managed for bandwidth and quality. This gives companies the flexibility to proportionally size their connections for cost efficiency without sacrificing quality or flexibility.

“Broadview’s enterprise support is vast,” says Houy. ”If there’s a problem, they take care of it—even when it’s outside their network.”

Broadview’s service, says Brian Houy, is “rock solid.”

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