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Can You Run Your Business Off Smartphones?

Run Your Business Off Your Smartphone? Go For It!

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With nearly half of the country's population owning smartphones, it’s no surprise more and more companies are choosing to supplement their traditional business phone system with smartphones.

Businesses can implement this new system in two different ways: solely using smartphones for all phone communications or coupling smartphones with a “virtual” private branch exchange (PBX)or a call routing and management service.

A very small company or a freelancer, for example, can be successful with the smartphone-only option. However, as a company grows and its phone traffic increases, it will soon need a system that can handle the demand.

Advantages of Adopting Smartphones

When used with applications like OfficeSuite, smartphones become mobile versions of  stationary office phones. That means employees can increase their accessibility and improve convenience for everyone. For example, these applications allow customers to reach employees directly at any time, and employees have the ability to check their business voicemail from anywhere.

Besides improving customer satisfaction and connectivity, these applications offer features that include:

  • Calls from an employee’s smartphone shows up as the office number
  • Transfer calls to a smartphone to voicemail or to another employee
  • Mobile twin - pick up a business call on a cell phone call, on a desktop phone or vice versa

Who It Benefits

While a smartphone-friendly phone system can improve communication in many ways, it may not benefit all businesses. Large companies, especially those with call centers and other phone-heavy departments, may require larger systems with more advanced capabilities. Those features are sometimes found in traditional on-premise systems but with OfficeSuite you can get those features from a cloud-based phone system.

Small and medium-sized companies can experience great improvements in customer service and accessibility by integrating smartphones into their daily communications.

To read more about business phone systems or how a smartphone-based deployment model can benefit small- to medium-sized business, visit the Software Advice website, or read Kelly Lindner’s original article here.

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