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Texting and Business: Use it to Your Advantage

How Text Messaging Can Give Your Business a Boost

Almost everyone uses text messaging as a means of communication these days, whether socially or for business. For some, texting may still conjure up the image of a teenager sending emojis to her circle of friends, rather than the thought of an executive communicating a new marketing idea to his colleagues. However, texting has a real power that we can harness for business purposes. For example, this article from lists 10 ways to engage via text, from letting a potential employee know he has been hired to blasting customers with a special, text-only offer code.

Think of what texting for business purposes can offer you and your employees: availability, brevity, and more. This includes sending a text to convey an urgent message to someone who’s currently in a meeting, or to covertly get your colleague’s attention from across the room. While some text messages can be very long, the norm is that texting provides a brief way to conduct a conversation. Rather than sending out email after email to a coworker, texting shorter messages can help reduce inbox clutter while maintaining an archive of messages for senders and recipients to refer back to.

Texting also offers the possibility for real-time conversation when you’re on the road or otherwise out of the office. Sometimes email access can be compromised or simply unavailable, but as long as you have cell reception, you have texting ability. Taking advantage of cloud phone systems that allow you to integrate your cell phone with your office phone further ensures that your messages will always be delivered – and you will always be in receipt of messages sent to you. Additionally, it’s no secret that business texts will most likely be addressed more quickly than the average work email. On many phone models, new texts pop up on the home screen as they are received, providing the recipient with an instant preview of the message and practically inviting the user to reply.

Many industries, such as retail and food service, have already established models for sending text message alerts and prompts that improve their customer experience. Amazon, for instance, offers text alerts for deliveries, so you are always prepared for packages to arrive – almost up to the minute! Apps like GrubHub send you text alerts when a restaurant receives your order and when the food is out for delivery. This feature is perfect for those times when you are ordering lunch for the company and need to keep track of the delivery status without sitting in front of your computer. Text alerts can help keep you in the loop no matter where you are.

How else have you been using text messaging to your business advantage? Let us know!

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