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Managing Your Mobile Workforce

In the infographic below, Infosys details 10 mobility trends businesses are facing. Knowing about the trends are important so that you can better manage your increasingly-mobile employees and the effect the mobility evolution has on your operational processes.

All too often in today’s connected, always-on world, we are losing the human touches that foster tighter relationships and lasting bonds. Humans are social creatures, and while online outlets do serve to feed our social appetite, often many people are left feeling hungry for real connections, face to face.

Enabling employee mobility is great for reconnecting your employees with your customers. If managed well, this can be an enabling resource to help you grow through increased revenue and increased loyalty.

So how do you manage the BYOD trend in which company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices are in the workplace?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is here to stay as consumers are bringing their own technology into the workplace. Why object – it’s less capital outlay for you! Regardless of whether or not you own the device, you need to take measures to secure your company’s assets.

Data as an Asset

You need to protect your company data that lives on mobile devices. Many companies are moving to cloud-based email and storage services so they can deliver access while maintaining control over the data regardless of where it is accessed. Simply change a password or kill the account to limit the exposure if the device is stolen or the employee leaves for greener pastures.

Many companies are using services like those from Fiberlink to take security a step further by totally managing the end-to-end security of data on mobile devices.

Employee Profiles as an Asset

Your employees are building your brand and revenue funnel with every customer connection—that is their job, right? But when an employee leaves, you need to make sure the goodwill they worked to build stays with your organization.

Your employee profiles need to be in your control. Email addresses, phone numbers and other profile information should be on company systems. If your employees are using their own email address or phone numbers and they walk out, they potentially take customers and revenue with them as prospects they found on your dime follow them to your nearest competitor. Yikes!

This is easy to stop. Make sure you have corporate email under your domain name ( and make sure the phone number they use to take and make calls is yours, not theirs. And whatever you do, never let them put their own cell phone number on your company business cards! Advanced phone systems like OfficeSuite have mobility tools included so there is never an excuse for employees to use their cell phone number.

The best advice: make sure your employees have the tools they need to do their job, while protecting your company’s revenue stream and customer connections.

10 Enterprise Mobility Trends For 201310 Enterprise Mobility Trends For 2013 infographic by Infosyslimited.

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