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Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Have a Cloud-Based Phone System

How Can A Cloud-Based Phone System Can Help Your Grow

Launching one’s own business is a major leap that can require a lot of sacrifices – sleepless nights, constant work, and a relentless commitment to your mission – but also involves a lot of payoffs. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and those that do succeed achieve their goals through hard work, hustle, and a willingness to be in a million places at once. When you’re in that crucial phase of launching a business or getting a start-up off the ground, you may need to attend networking events and happy hours, schmooze with investors, pitch to potential clients, polish your presentations, and more! Luckily, innovations like cloud-based phone systems can keep you organized and your burgeoning business on track. Here are three ways that business phone systems can help your company grow, from inception to Inc. 500!

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Gain Authority

Cloud phone systems lend an authoritative touch to your communications. Rather than relying strictly on your cell phone for all calls, business and personal, getting a proper phone system can ensure that you and your employees have a streamlined communication process. Having an office phone number projects a much more professional image to potential investors and clients than handing out your cell phone number.

Additionally, you can invest in a virtual office, which can enhance that image further and make your business appear larger than it actually is. With call center services like ACD (automatic call distribution), clients won’t waste time on hold. Customers and prospects can speak to the right person at the right time – all the time.  This is impressive for a newly-launched business, as many people may expect you to still be “working out the kinks.”

Stay “On” – Always

Another perk of cloud-based phone systems is their mobile capabilities. In our 24/7, 365 culture, it’s likely that potential customers and clients expect to be able to reach you at all times. Features like mobile twinning ensure that they can; calls you receive on your office phone can also reach your cell if you’d like. This is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who is always on the go, and is especially important so you don’t miss those crucial first calls as your business launches. You definitely don’t want to keep an investor waiting because you missed their call!

Being available at all times is also great for your public relations efforts as you launch your business, product, app, etc. Reporters may want to get in touch with you for an exclusive interview, quote, or for beta access to your product. Make sure you’re there to answer such queries – early exposure can be crucial to your success! See this great collection of PR tactics for entrepreneurs here for even more advice on staying on to promote your business.

Scale Your System

Finally, entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from VoIP phone systems’ scalability. As your business grows from a small start-up into something larger, adding new phone lines and managing your phone system is easy. This is especially great for companies without an IT person or team, as you can do it all yourself.  And of course, these types of phone systems are affordable at all levels, from tiny start-up to enterprise business.

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