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Is My Business Too Large for a VoIP Phone System?

In the past few years, VoIP phone systems have become a very popular option for consumers in the home environment. Features like low monthly fees, the ability to operate over an internet connection, and other perks unique to VoIP have drawn a lot of people in. However, VoIP can also make a lot of sense for a company interested in cutting costs, being able to more closely manage calls, and reduce the amount of office equipment required to maintain business phone systems. Here are a few reasons why a VoIP phone system makes sense for businesses of any size in today's changing corporate world.

VoIP Costs Less
The typical company spends a lot of time on the phone, and that tends to increase with size. Traditional telephony systems can pose a real problem as a company gets larger, simply because of how rapidly costs can increase. VoIP works over an internet line rather than a phone line, which reduces costs by working with something your corporation or business likely already pays for: an internet connection. VoIP's second savings benefit is that long-distance calls usually have no additional charge, another benefit of utilizing an internet connection rather than a dedicated telephone line.

A VoIP Phone Can Be Portable
Companies like Broadview Networks offer their VoIP phone system through mobile phones as well as office phones. This means that employees can effectively take their office phone number with them anywhere. Because VoIP is primarily software-based, it is possible for employees to make and receive business calls from any location that has internet access. This is becoming important as smartphones and tablets make offices in general much more mobile. Employees can also move much more easily within the office, turning any available phone into their office phone, without needing technical assistance.

Phone Call Administration for Large Businesses
The larger your business, the harder it can be to monitor and administrate all company calls; this is a big reason VoIP can be attractive to businesses for more than just low cost and efficiency. Companies can increase productivity by ensuring calls are being made from the right places, to the right people, by the right employees, every time. Mobile Twinning and the ability to access voicemails from anywhere ensures that your employees will never miss a call.

Additional Features Included
One of the largest benefits of VoIP business phone systems is that they typically offer large corporations a suite of additional features beyond high quality phone calls. The problem with traditional phone systems can be that, beyond the purchase of the phone service itself, a company needs to purchase software that lets them use calls exactly the way they wanted. VoIP, because it's primarily software-based, allows you to integrate calls with email, have voicemail delivered directly to your mailbox, as well as many more features.

These are just a few of the benefits of implementing a VoIP phone system for your office, regardless of business size. For any company that is looking to stay one step ahead in today’s constantly-changing business climate, VoIP services allow the ease of use, flexibility, and reliability that allow your company to focus on the larger goals that will drive your business forward.

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