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3 Ways You’re Losing Money at the Office

Everyone wants to make their company leaner, trimmer and more efficient. In other words, everyone wants to save real money. Before you go searching for ways to save money, start by learning the three ways you’re actually losing money at the office. Fix these three gaps and you’ll cross off the first task in your ‘Save Money’ to-do list.

Servers and other IT equipment are expensive to buy and maintain and a nightmare to manage.
One of the most common ways businesses lose money is using clunky IT equipment that is a nightmare to manage and expensive to buy and maintain.

1) Stop paying for services you don’t need or use

We’ve all experienced people try to sell us things we don’t really need. (Case in point: I bought new headphones last week that cost $9 and the salesman tried to sell me $2 insurance on them!) Say no to companies that charge you for services you don’t need and don’t use. A great example of this is when business phone service providers charge you a monthly fee for additional services, like internet fax or email-to-fax service, that other providers like Broadview Networks include at no charge. In other words, if you don’t use the fax service you pay nothing. Another way to save money is to use cloud-based IT services that you can scale up and down as you need them. (Examples are hosted virtual desktop and hosted Microsoft Exchange licenses.) With cloud IT services, you pay only for what you need and use.

2) Stop missing new opportunities

Our world is ‘always-on’. There are always opportunities to connect with prospects and clients – all you need is a mobile phone. From there, all you need to do is to turn your mobile phone into your office phone. Sound difficult? It’s actually much easier than you think. Providers understand that being able to connect anywhere is crucial, so they’ve come out with iPhone, iPad and Android apps that let you make and receive calls on your mobile phone using your business phone number. Some providers even let you use the calling plan that comes with your business phone service so you don’t rack up crazy overage charges from your cell phone carrier.

3) Stop buying IT equipment

Buying is out, and renting is in. IT equipment costs thousands to buy, but it’s not the upfront expense that gets you in the end—it’s the constant maintenance and the in-house IT staff needed to maintain it. And with how fast technology is upgraded, if you have an on-site phone system for example and want to add a new feature or functionality you have to purchase even more equipment. But if you rent IT services, like hosted VoIP phone service, then there is minimal if any upfront cost and upgrades to new technology are free.

How is your business reducing costs? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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