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Emerging Tech Trends in Telecommunications

Looking for new and better ways to connect with your clients, lower costs and boost productivity? Technology helps businesses large and small gain an edge over competitors and set them apart. Check out these emerging trends in telecommunications and learn how adopting new technology can make all the difference.

BYOD is just one of the many technology trends in telecommunications.
Emerging Tech Trends in Telecommunications


IT service providers have gotten the memo (or rather, the email) – no business has time to deal with multiple vendors for each business service they need, like their phone, fax, data and Internet needs. That’s why the smartest providers, like Broadview Networks, are offering all-inclusive business communication solutions that include everything a business needs to, well, communicate!

All in the Cloud

Switching to cloud-based IT services (versus on-site systems that you have to manage yourself) comes with countless benefits; so it’s no surprise that any business looking to reduce costs, enable mobility and keep their business running even during an emergency or bad weather is moving to cloud services.

Integration Celebration

Every company relies on software programs to operate. Whether you’re a business that uses a CRM system, such as Salesforce or ACT!, or a healthcare organization that relies on a practice management solution, such as Dentrix, chances are there’s a phone system out there that integrates with the other systems you use every day.

BYOD is Going Mainstream

“Bring your own device” is still a major trend for 2013 despite it being painted as mostly media hype carried over from last year. While it is not being adopted as rapidly in large enterprise organizations, the trend is nonetheless continuing at a steady pace and is predicted to become more mainstream this year. Industry analysts say about 25% of the market has adopted BYOD; the reason for the lingering 75%? Having multiple devices connecting to the corporate network can pose a security risk if not managed properly, but the benefits that come with having the ability to connect with clients and prospects anytime, anywhere far outweigh the extra effort on IT’s part making sure everything is secure.

Tablets vs. PCs at Work

Dell and Hewlett-Packard aren’t having good years. The rise in tablet sales, which is most certainly a product of the BYOD movement, means the enterprise PC market has taken a huge hit. As the BYOD movement gains momentum and is adopted by more and more companies, expect to see more tablets than PCs in the workplace. What this means for your business is looking for IT service providers that offer mobile apps for smartphones and tablets so that these devices can be used to access your work applications, files, and even function as part of your company’s phone system.

Will 4G Mean the End of Fixed-Line Broadband?

The short answer is no. The three reasons why businesses will most likely remain loyal to fixed-line broadband are: speed, cost and reliability. As of now, 4G can’t compete on any of these so the best service providers for your business will be the ones that offer hard lines connected to their network. Having a physical network enables providers to offer you service level guarantees, so it’s something to consider when shopping for IT services for your business.

Texting in Business

Can you believe that texting, or SMS, turned 21 this year? While its use is still mainly for quick messages between mobile phones, businesses have started to embrace its use. The best example of SMS being used in business is cloud phone systems that actually text you when you get a voicemail on your desk phone. Even my dentist is on the texting train – her office sends me text messages to remind me of upcoming appointments!

Do you have any advice for other businesses looking to gain an edge through adopting new technology? If so, share your success with our readers by leaving a comment.

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