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Office Tech: Then and Now

The AMC television show Mad Men does a great job glorifying the advertising industry of the 1960s but it’s interesting to think how that office would look in today’s world. Aside from the dress and cultural changes, much of the office technology employed in the times of Don Draper-esque office life has advanced and grown through time. Many of the processes of that era were laborious and slow while today’s technologies focus on efficiency and speed.

Office staples such as typewriters, snail mail, and switchboard operators are found nowadays in history books rather than the workplace.  These outdated relics have been replaced by a modern relative, allowing businesses today to increase productivity, security, and accessibility.  One major advancement is the office telephone system - no longer are we limited by the restrictions of landlines.  Through the cloud, calls can be forwarded to a mobile phone and voicemails can be sent to a variety of devices.  The tools we use to write, ways we communicate, machines we use to present ideas, and means of keeping our files safe are a few examples of how those Mad Men might not recognize our modern business world of today.

So much has changed in the past 50 years both culturally and technological; here are some more examples of how workplace technology has advanced for the better since the 1960’s.

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Office Then: Then and Now



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