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The 7 Best Business Blogs You Aren't Following

The evolution of business trends occurs at an incredible rate, so it’s vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes to keep an eye on the new developments, inventions and innovations that are impacting industries. One of the best ways to keep up with the progress of business and technology is to follow impactful blogs that offer timely information about new advancements.

The amazing swiftness with which changes have occurred in areas like business phone service, VoIP phone system options, and communications technology has meant that companies that don't pay attention to new technology have started to operate at less than peak efficiency. Placing the following blogs on a regular reading list is a must for any technology-minded businessperson:

1. Wired

Although many people consider Wired to be a great source for entertainment and cool gadgets, the website provides a superior selection of technology-focused and business-centric information. Sometimes the best way to keep track of new technology and telecommunications developments is to approach such research through popular culture, for which Wired is a terrific option.

2. IT BusinessEdge

The blogging activity from contributor Carl Weinschenk offers some excellent commentary on vital business topics and new developments such as recent changes within the world of mobile communications, changes to business networking, and the rise and fall of important telecommunications companies like BlackBerry.

3. Information Week

The executive editor of Information Week, Doug Henschen, provides some on-target articles about significant changes to technology within the scope of business. Overall Information Week is a fabulous resource for business development and knowledge. Well-timed posts from Information Week on subjects like cloud data, mobile communications, and business software offer readers insight on the direction of business technology.

4. ZD Net

ZD Net monitors the pulse of technology development and offers intelligent commentary on new business developments. The blog also offers information on the status of those inventions and whether they're appropriate for business deployment, or whether further research is needed before those technologies would offer a business a valuable improvement on current machinery or programs in use.

5. Bloomberg Businessweek

The Bloomberg website covers many aspects of business today, but its technology section is particularly helpful in scoping out new advances within technology and explaining how those developments may help businesses to function more efficiently and with less cost. There are a number of interesting blog entries that offer details on the decisions major technology companies have been making to remain profitable and offer customers the most advanced technology available.

6. Forbes

Contributor Haydn Shaughnessy offers some astute observations on the direction of technology today, how various developments could change business forever, and how other innovations aren't so terrific. Shaughnessy is a must-read resource for upcoming changes and business decisions that might not yet be widespread, but which should be on the radar of intelligent companies.

7. The New York Times - Bits

This New York Times blog shares information about which large companies are accomplishing with new technology and equipment changes. From industry-defining changes to the innovations currently being implemented at specific companies, the blog keeps a close eye on cutting-edge technology. Remaining knowledgeable about new business developments is easy with Bits.

Each of these blogs covers technology and business development from a slightly different angle and with a different overall attitude. Reading a wide selection of technology-focused blogs will ensure that any business is prepared to meet the challenges of improving software, hardware, and machinery when the time comes to make significant technology upgrades.

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