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Stay Connected - Even on Vacation

Cloud Phone Systems Keep You Connected

Cloud Phone Systems from Broadview Networks keep you connected even on vacation.

As a business owner, or even just a star employee, you know that time away from the office can mean lost profits and prestige. You know just as well as your clients do that much of your business is time-sensitive. Even so, time away from the office is hugely important. A periodical change of scenery or some extra time with the family can do a world of good for just about everybody.

But suppose you’re in a line of work where just one missed call can mean an unhappy client or a lost business opportunity. What then? You’re probably asking yourself if there’s a way to keep in touch with the office, even when you’re away from the workplace.

Broadview Networks can offer you and your business a solution to that exact problem. Now you can stay connected with your office and your workforce, even when you’re on vacation.

Broadview’s OfficeSuite system harnesses cutting-edge VoIP technology to provide cloud-based office phone systems to businesses both large and small. If you’ve never heard of VoIP before now, it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it’s been taking the business world by storm for a few years now. Here’s how it works:

Cloud phone systems work by using your existing Internet connection. In fact, there’s almost no installation required, since VoIP is almost entirely software-based. You’ll essentially be building a phone network with no wires, which means that there are no costly or invasive installations. Because of the lack of capital investment, maintenance contracts, and the low monthly fees, you’re making a sound short- and long-term investment; you save money on day one, and then again every single month, translating into great savings throughout the year.

Best of all, you can stay connected with your business, employees, and clients when you take that much-needed vacation. One of the marquee features of Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite system is that you can have calls forwarded from your work number to your choice of cell phone, computer, or tablet - all using the Cloud. While that’s a triumph of modern technology all by itself, Broadview takes it one step further: you can now access your voicemail wherever you are, meaning that you can listen and respond to voicemail right from your computer.

Achieving the ultimate in portability, scalability, and mobility has never been easier. Cloud phone systems are giving business owners everywhere the ability to stay in touch with their business wherever they happen to be. And this isn’t just about the owner catching a flight to the Bahamas - every employee can remain productive and engaged, even when they’re out of the office. Business trips have never been easier; now you can be assured that employees on the road are kept appraised of last-minute changes all the way to that important meeting or presentation.

If you’ve been looking for a way to not only save money in the workplace, but also unify, streamline, and optimize your communications tools, there has never been a better time to look into office phone systems from Broadview. We have experts standing by to brief you on all of the features and benefits, or give you a free quote or a live demonstration.

Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.  After that, you can begin making arrangements to have your next conference call from the beach.

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