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The Best Business Apps for Your Phone

Remember when the iPhone 3G came out and Apple’s TV commercial told us that no matter what we were trying to do, there was ‘an app for that’? Well, it’s true. But while apps used to be geared mostly towards consumers, over the last few years developers have created apps that help business professionals be more productive, organize schedules, communicate easily, consolidate paperwork, network with other like-minded professionals, and so much more. Check out some of the most popular business apps and how they can help you.

Apps help you be more productive and connect with business contacts

Work smarter, keep your schedule organized, cross items off your to-do list and use your VoIP phone system - all using apps.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Audio Memos – record important meetings or take voice notes so you don’t forget what you need to do when you get back to your office. This apps lets you email the recordings or upload them to Dropbox. It’s available for Android and iPhones.

Roambi Analytics – This turns any data set, big or small, into charts and graphs that makes it easier to interpret and view trends. It is available for iPhones.

Get Organized

Checkmark – Known as the ‘to-do-list’ app on steroids, it lets you set reminders based on time, contacts, and location. It is available for iPhones.

Asana – This is a great project management app that keeps teams organized. It lets you assign tasks and attach files for easy and fast sharing. Best of all, you can use it for free with teams of up to 15 people! Check it out for Android and iPhone.

Stay in Touch

Blue Jeans Network – Need to host a video conference but one person uses Polycom, the other Cisco, and another Microsoft Lync? No problem! With this app you can use your iPhone to join.

OfficeSuite – Ever wish you could use your business phone number and phone service minutes when making work-related calls on your mobile? Now you can! VoIP phone systems, like Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite, make mobility easy. Check out their app for your Android or iPhone.


CamScanner – This app turns your phone into a scanner so no matter where you are you don’t have to worry about holding onto (or losing!) receipts, invoices, notes, business cards, and more.

ePrint – Sadly, not everything can be saved electronically. When you do have to print something but you’re out of the office, you can send it to the printer with your phone and pick it up later.

Bring Business Cards

LinkedIn – With your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, you can now connect to one of the most popular business networking sites even when your ‘Out of Office’ is on.

Yammer – This is a cool app because it lets you layer on other capabilities onto the basic functionality of chatting with work contacts, such as sharing photos and tracking projects.

Photo courtesy of –Jeffrey– via flickr

What is your favorite business app, and how does it help you? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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