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Taking Conference Calls on the Road with Broadview VoIP Phone Service

Joining a conference call while traveling is easy if you can use your mobile phone.
Traveling for business but can't miss a conference call? If you use Broadview VoIP, you can use our unlimited calling plan rather than expensive cell minutes.

The conference call—a necessity in any organization to move projects from one step to the next. But people are very mobile today so getting everyone in the same physical conference room is nearly impossible.  Most of us have traveled for business, so let me pose a question: have you had many experiences where joining or hosting a conference call from the road was easy? I’d guess your answer is ‘no.’

The reality is, if we want projects to progress we must find ways to connect even while on-the-go because let’s face it: we all are, all the time. Luckily, wireless internet is prevalent. Even luckier is the fact that with VoIP phone service, an internet connection is all you need.

VoIP phone service makes all business calls, even conference calls, much easier.  VoIP technology has revolutionized the way we connect. Instead of having to find an open office when visiting another location, calling in from a hotel phone, or even looking for a pay phone (good luck!), you can use your mobile phone to host or join a conference call.

What’s even better is that with Broadview’s VoIP phone service, you can project a professional look and feel even when using your mobile phone. Our Mobile Softphones let you turn any Android or iOS device into your business phone—same phone number, same features, same voicemail. This way you can give clients and colleagues one number where they can always reach you while keeping your personal mobile number private.

Broadview VoIP also saves you a great deal of money when taking conference calls on the road. Using your cell phone minutes can be very costly, and once you go over you get hit with lots of extra charges. But with our Mobile Softphones you can use our virtually unlimited calling plan and save yourself from a hefty cell phone bill every month. It even lets you use that same calling plan for international calls so that you get much lower rates than you would from your cell carrier. And think about how many calls you make to other employees with your mobile phone. You can use the unlimited calling plan that comes with Broadview’s VoIP phone service for internal calls as well.

Broadview recently introduced a Conferencing service that makes taking conference calls while traveling very easy. It extends the mobility and ease-of-use that we offer to your video, audio and web conference calls and meetings. As someone who has used GoToMeeting® for years, I can honestly say that ours is better for a few reasons. For one, it costs less and offers the same, and sometimes more, capabilities. For example, if your business hosts webinars you can get a complete solution with all the tools you need without having to upgrade to a more expensive package such as GoToWebinar®.

Secondarily, Broadview Conferencing gives you lots of options for how to connect which comes in handy when traveling for business. It works everywhere and on any mobile device so you can be waiting for a flight and start a conference call with your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ phone. It’s fast, it’s easy and it works well.

While we’re on the topic of making calls on the road, I am kind of curious: have you found yourself with a dead battery or no service and been forced to use a pay phone? If you were successful in finding one, let me know when and where by leaving me a comment. I  haven’t seen one in years!

Photo courtesy of Alex E. Proimos via Flickr

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