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The Benefits of Remote Working with VoIP

The world of business demands flexibility. As a result, today’s business professionals demand the same degree of flexibility from their technology. There was a time when life was clearly delineated: work happened at the office, and everything else happened at home. Then reality caught up, and now work happens anywhere and everywhere; the world never stops turning, after all.

In addition to being a necessity at times, remote working can also be a terrific reprieve from office life. The benefits are many: working parents can keep an eye on their children throughout the day, and you waste less time and gas money than you would if you were regularly commuting.

Offices can be noisy as well, causing many workers to embrace the home office as a place of quietude and familiarity, inevitably reducing distractions and improving productivity.

Because so many of us conduct business and do our work in a variety of locations, it only makes sense that technology has given us fantastic new ways to embrace remote working, along with the many advantages that come with it.

One of the more frustrating barriers to fully embracing (and even enjoying!) remote working has been juggling all of the communication tools required to stay in touch with the office and home office. There’s good news on that front, though: VoIP.

By now you may be familiar with VoIP as a terrific alternative to a traditional telephone. You can use the existing high-speed Internet connection in your home or workplace as a phone line. Some of the benefits are obvious, but the many applications of those benefits might not be as well known.

A business phone system powered by VoIP uses the power of the cloud to unify all of your phones. If you’re like many business professionals that travel or do work from a number of locations, you’re probably all too familiar with the act of juggling multiple cell phones, not to mention landlines. If you have a personal smartphone, as well as one that your company might have issued to you, you can take advantage of VoIP as a cloud technology: each of your devices will become part of a larger network, letting you forward calls as needed, and providing remote access to your voicemail.

Many VoIP providers are bundling some pretty exciting features with their competitively-priced VoIP packages. Some of them allow you to take advantage of automatic voicemail transcription that is sent right to your inbox. The days of dialing out to get your voicemail are soon to be a thing of the past. In addition, you’ll be able to seamlessly add additional phones and devices to your cloud phone network.

With VoIP, you can fully embrace your mobility with the knowledge that your business life won’t grind to a halt when you step out of the office. Whether you’re on the road for a conference, on vacation, or just taking a few days to work from home, VoIP gives you remote access to all of the most important features of your business phone system.

If you’ve been thinking about remote working, either for yourself or for your employees, there’s never been a better time to give it some serious thought. It’s a great way to foster trust between management and employees, and can be a huge boon to your collective flexibility.

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