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The Coolest Offices in the World

If home is where the heart is, what does that make your office? Many of us spend a great deal of time, money, and effort renovating, organizing, and making our homes just so. For those of you who commute to an office for work purposes, or who perhaps have a home office dedicated to your line of work, it’s important to make your workplace just as welcoming as your home. We spend a great deal of time at work, so why shouldn’t it be perfect?

Huge multinational corporations, as well as some slightly more humble companies, often go out of their way to make their employees feel truly at home, offering productivity tools as well as some great ways to unwind throughout long work days. Here’s a look at five of the most amazing offices in the world from some truly tech-savvy companies.

You might be asking yourself what all of these offices have in common. Obviously, the best in modern technology is a must, including cloud-based phone systems and the latest personal computers. Above all, they must be comfortable while still encouraging productivity.

Google is a distinctive company, which of course means they need distinctive offices. Google’s office complex on the East coast is home to many of the company’s engineers, and has been described as “100% nerd heaven.” The office features a larger-than-life mural of a New York intersection along with a clean, utilitarian design and beautiful hardwood floors. QR codes line the walls along with fake TV antennas, which give the distinctly modern environment a touch of vintage class.

100% Nerd Heaven
Google's Office in New York City

What does Microsoft’s Vienna office building have in common with a playground? For starters, it has a slide. In the case of Microsoft’s offices, though, that slide is two-stories tall and deposits employees into a room full of geometric cushions.

Want an office with a two-story slide?
Microsoft's Office in Vienna

You probably know Skype as one of the companies that helped to put Internet phone systems on the map, which provided the basis for some of the best business phone systems currently available. The Skype offices in Sweden definitely look like a place where world-changing technology could come to life. Sleek metal furniture complements brightly colored cushions while surprisingly pleasing stark white walls keep things grounded.

The right decor can make employees feel more at home.
Skype's Office in Sweden

Quirky isn’t one of the better known names on this list, but they’ve been steadily making a name for themselves as a provider of thoughtful crowdsourced products. Their New York offices feature distinctive purple lighting and a row of high school-style lockers for employees to use. Because Quirky’s claim to fame is innovative product design, they took the unusual approach of putting their product design lab right in the middle of the office.

Product Design Firm
Quirky's Office in New York City

Planit is an award-winning advertising agency, founded in 1992. Some of Planit’s better-known clients include Under Armor and NPR. Their Baltimore offices feature some great ways for employees to unwind during their downtime, including a custom-built pool table, a selection of cushy couches, televisions, and a full-service bar.

Advertising Agency based in Baltimore
Planit's Office in Baltimore

You might not have a bar in your home office (let’s face it: that’s probably for the best), but you can still take some inspiration from these world-class companies next time you’re looking to shake things up in your place of work.

Photo Credit:

Google – Photo Courtesy of ekai via Flickr

Microsoft – Photo Courtesy of via Flickr

Skype – Photo Courtesy of OfficialSkype via Flickr

Quirky – Photo Courtesy of Creative Juice

Planit – Photo Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

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