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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Office Technology

New Year's Resolutions for Your Office Technology

Technology is all around us, all the time. It’s reached the degree to which we can scarcely imagine life without it. Even so, that level of comfort with our technological trappings can sometimes mean that we overlook opportunities to improve the ways we use the technology at our disposal.

With a brand new year just beginning, now is the perfect time to take stock of the ways we use office technology.

Know When to Take a Break from Your Office Technology

We may as well throw this one out there among all of these other tech-centric resolutions. The truth is, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring into one sort of screen or another, whether we’re working or recreating. One of your resolutions for 2014 should probably be to learn when it’s appropriate to take a break.

Even in the workplace, there are plenty of opportunities to look away from your screen. Do you know each of your co-workers’ names? Do you make a point of having conversations with them throughout the day? Do you leave your desk job only to settle in front of a different screen at home? Maybe the time has come to set some boundaries for your tech usage; your eyes will probably thank you for it.

Improve Your Infrastructure

It may have been a while since you last took stock of the infrastructure in your workplace. Even if you’re not responsible for making tech-related purchase decisions, it couldn’t hurt to drop a hint now and then.

For example: we’ve entered a period of time where computing and productivity is going to be increasingly dependent on cloud technology. Even your company’s business phone system may be using cloud technology, and if it isn’t, it might be time to take a look at the benefits.

If you’ve been struggling with maintaining efficient and effective communication skills, you may be surprised at how well a cloud phone system can help on that front. It can help you and everybody else in your office stay connected to the workplace, thanks to the ability to tie multiple communication devices into the same network.

Revisit Your Security Solutions

Securing your devices, whether they’re used for personal purposes or exclusively for work, is nothing you’d want to leave to chance. It’s pretty easy to fall into a false sense of security. If you suspect that the security software in your office hasn’t been updated since the turning of the millennium, it might be time to look into making an upgrade.

Thankfully, there are quite a few free or low-cost security solutions that you could adopt in the workplace, as well as some for mobile devices. The latter would be a great fit for the company that’s embraced BYOD culture.

Double-Down on Data Backup

Here’s something else you don’t want to leave to chance. Hard drives can be temperamental devices, which means you’re going to want to start backing up your data if you aren’t already.

Can you imagine what would happen if all of your important work-related documents were lost? Thankfully, you’ve got your pick of either hardware-based backup solutions or cloud-based ones. Cloud storage might prove to be the best fit, since it stores your backups off-site, providing maximum peace of mind against any unforeseen disasters.

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