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How Cloud Phone Services Enhance Sales for Call Centers

Technology is one of the few things in the world that gets proportionally cheaper as time goes on. For proof, look no further than the amount of digital storage that $100 will buy you today as compared with, say, 10 years ago. Even cutting-edge technology solutions are becoming more affordable for both international and locally owned businesses, providing the tools they need to hold their own in competitive industries.

Increase sales for call centers with cloud phone service
Call Centers that Use Cloud Phone Service are More Profitable and Productive

One important way that businesses are staying agile and lowering their overhead is by embracing cloud technology in a big way. In particular, cloud phone services (powered by VoIP) are seeing huge growth in a number of industries throughout the world.

There are a number of ways that making the switch to a cloud-based call center can help improve your sales, customer retention, and productivity. Here are a few highlights:

Eliminating Bottlenecks

Traditional telephone infrastructure has acted as a bottleneck to company progress and growth for too long. Because it relies on physical devices and invasive installation, adding additional employees to a call center, particularly during peak business seasons such as the holidays, has been a nearly insurmountable barrier in years past. Thankfully, cloud technology has provided a solution.

Newer business phone systems powered by cloud technology have the advantage of being highly scalable. What this means is that during the busiest times of the year, when adaptable and responsive customer service can have a direct impact on sales, cloud technology provides a solution that can grow along with your company and its technology needs.

Making Prioritization Easier

Adopting cloud technology for your call center has the added benefit of allowing your company to focus its workforce and resources on what’s most important: namely, growing your business and providing world-class service for your customers.

Cloud technology is famously reliable and easy to manage; cloud-enabled phone systems can be easily administrated from just about any computer on the network, allowing you to make changes as needed, without an expensive and highly-trained IT department.

A Global Reach

One of the most important advantages of cloud technology is that it allows companies to broaden their horizons – quite literally. Communicating with employees and customers alike, even on the other side of the world, has never been easier nor more affordable.

The leading cloud phone providers allow for free local and long-distance calling, meaning that you may soon be able to set your sights on distant shores, where previously the cost of communicating and doing business outside of a certain radius may have been prohibitive.

Take Customer Service Mobile

While the phrase “call center” probably suggests an image of numerous employees sitting immobile in matching cubicles waiting for the phone to ring, the very idea of what a call center should look like may be changing, all thanks to cloud technology.

VoIP phone networks can offer the unprecedented ability to give your customer service team some much needed mobility. By providing a way to tie mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into your call center’s communication network, customer service representatives can remain accessible even when they’re not on the premises. When your sales success depends on remaining available for your customers, this flexibility could make all the difference.

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