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Saving Money with Broadview’s VoIP Systems

Saving Money with Broadviews VoIP Systems

I won’t tell you that opting for the cheapest option is always the best move, particularly in business. You tend to get what you pay for in this world, after all. The thing about technology, though, is that it gets progressively cheaper over time, relative to what you’re getting for your money.

Broadview's VoIP Systems Save Businesses Thousands of Dollars 

Looking to save thousands on your business phone & fax service? Check out Broadview's VoIP Systems

Communication technology has been reinvented many times over the last few decades, but one aspect of its transformation has been fairly consistent: it gravitates ever closer to the Internet. VoIP technology, in fact, has provided businesses in a wide variety of industries with the ability to turn their Internet service into their primary method of communication.

This opens up not only a world of convenience, but of savings as well. By making the switch to Broadview Networks, you’ll be joining a community of more than 175,000 satisfied business customers across the US.

An Introduction to OfficeSuite

Our OfficeSuite platform, which provides businesses large and small with robust and reliable office telephone systems, has helped to position Broadview as an industry leader in VoIP technology. The most important feature of our VoIP phone systems is their ability to unify all of your communication methods, including phone service and fax, using the power of the cloud.

Distinguishing itself from traditional phone service, OfficeSuite doesn’t require any out-of-pocket, up-front expenses for new equipment in your workplace. Our office phone systems come with everything you need, including high-quality desk phones and even cordless phones.

Easy to Set Up, Even Easier to Learn

A great deal of the savings you’ll expect after switching to Broadview Networks comes from the ease of use of our advanced VoIP systems. The initial setup is exceptionally easy; if you’ve ever overseen the installation of a traditional office phone system, VoIP technology will be a true breath of fresh air. If your company has a high-speed Internet connection, the hard work is already done.

From there, getting your phone system up and running and working the way you need couldn’t be easier. Just about any employee, regardless of previous VoIP experience, can make changes to your network quickly and easily, from any computer in the office.

Because it works reliably and intuitively, you’ll spend less time troubleshooting IT difficulties and more time focusing on what’s important: your business.

Call Anywhere, Go Anywhere

Thanks to the cloud, crippling long-distance charges are a thing of the past. With Broadview, your business will be able to broaden its horizons (literally) thanks to unlimited local and long distance calling.

You’ll also be able to reintroduce your employees to mobility: OfficeSuite is compatible with the leading mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, which means that your employees’ personal communication devices can become a part of your extended communication network. Time might be money, but not every second is spent at work; now you’ll never miss an important call, even after you’ve left the office.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’ve been searching for an easy way to improve your company’s flexibility and ability to communicate, VoIP may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Our cloud phone systems carry a low subscription cost: as little as $1 per day, per employee. Don’t take our word for it, though; stop by our site today for a free quote.

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