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Business Phone Systems for the Tech-Savvy

It seems more and more inevitable that the most tech-savvy companies are the ones that fare the best in the increasingly competitive business world. There are plenty of case studies showing how companies that aren’t willing to keep up with tech trends are quickly left behind.

Nowhere is this more true than in the world of communication. Communicating with customers, for example, used to be a ponderous process; for many of us, actually picking up a phone seems like a long-distant memory.

The thing about technology, though, is that it often comes full-circle. Instant messaging, email, and social media communications aren’t going anywhere, but phone technology has come back into prominence in a fairly big way, offering a number of opportunities for tech-savvy companies who choose to take advantage of it.

The increasing popularity of cloud phone service, or VoIP, has been taking the business world by storm for a number of years now. Even so, there seems to be at least a small degree of uncertainty about what, exactly, it’s capable of. If you oversee a tech-savvy company, here are the main bullet points you should keep in mind if you’re thinking about transitioning to a cloud-based business phone system for your corporation or your startup.

More Options Than Ever

One of the primary advantages of cloud-based phone systems is the fact that they provide companies of any size with a great deal of flexibility. For instance: it’s not a technology that limits you to the traditional business hours. With VoIP, your smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices can become mobile workstations, keeping you in touch with everything business-related no matter where you travel.

A Global Solution

Along with that newfound mobility comes the opportunity to truly broaden your company’s horizons. Uniting each of your offices and branches, even if they’re states apart, is a very real way to set yourselves apart from your competitors who may be struggling with their communication methods. The advantages are obvious; consolidating your phone bills is a great way to cut down on stress and needless complications.

Its Cost-Effective

Best of all, cloud-based phone systems have never been more affordable. In most cases, they’re available for right around $1 per day, per employee. You’ll also find yourself liberated from long-term subscriptions or maintenance contracts, in addition to costly long-distance charges, which were, in years past, prohibitive to companies that wanted to extend their reach overseas.

Installation Is Easy

IP phone technology has caught on the way it has largely thanks to how simple it is to install. Just about every company already has an Internet connection, and that’s all you really need to get started with VoIP. This type of phone system doesn’t require the installation of miles of new wiring; it simply becomes a part of your existing network. This means it’s not just cheaper, but also a great deal less intrusive to install.

Why Broadview?

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