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Getting Ready for Summer with the Cloud

It hasn’t really felt like it over the last few weeks, but summer is going to be here before we know it. It’s going to be a time of sunshine, long walks outdoors, and if you’re lucky, trips to the beach.

With the return of the beautiful weather of summer comes traveling and time spent away from your home and place of work. The only problem with that, of course, is that the realities of your job don’t always abide by the same vacation hours you do.

That’s where the cloud comes in. Cloud technology is nearly everywhere, which allows you to be, well, nearly everywhere. Whether you’re working remotely or just looking for ways to keep yourself entertained, the cloud can help you keep your life under control even while you’re out in the world enjoying summer. Here are the top three uses of the cloud for you to explore this summer.

Keeping in Touch

Email has been using cloud technology since before there was a word for it. Every time you’ve checked your email on a mobile device, and had your changes synced back to your email server of choice, you’ve taken advantage of cloud technology.

That’s one way that the cloud has revolutionized communication. The other is with cloud phone systems. For those times when you need a more personal touch, IP phone services let you use just about any device of your choosing as an extension of your office phone system. In other words, you can now easily do your work remotely, even if you’re lounging on a beach somewhere.

Staying Entertained

Cloud storage is the second way cloud technology can help you out this summer. If you find yourself traveling somewhere, but you want to retain access to your favorite movies, services like DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive can help you keep all of your favorite content in sync across your mobile devices.

Suppose you’re preparing for a long car ride and you want to keep the young ones entertained in the back seat. You can use one of the aforementioned cloud storage providers to store digital copies of your movies in the cloud. You can download a movie or two before you begin your trip, and a few more after you get to the hotel.

Documenting Your Trip

If you find yourself traveling this summer, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be taking some pictures along the way. In years past, this required you to carry around a camera in addition to your cell phone. After returning home from a trip, we’d have to plug our cameras into our computer for the tiresome process of manually importing photos. These days, our smartphones have combined these two indispensable devices into one and all but eliminated the need for sync cables.

The aforementioned DropBox has a useful photo sync feature that automatically uploads each photo you take with your phone or tablet, giving you easy access once you get back home. Apple devices have a similar ability called Photo Stream built right in. No matter what type of device you use, every photo you take along the way will be ready and waiting by the time you get back home.

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