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Why Great Customer Service Can Never Be Replaced

There are quite a few factors that can influence both the success and the failure of a business, but one of the most important is undoubtedly a commitment (or lack thereof) to great customer service. There are plenty of tell-tale signs that might indicate that you have a customer service problem; perhaps your sales have been lagging for some time, or maybe you’ve noticed a distinct lack of repeat customers. Maybe your presence on social media is simply falling on deaf ears.

Those are just some of the symptoms, so why else is it essential to put an emphasis on customer service? Let’s take a look.

Happy Customers Bring in More Customers

While there’s a certain truth to the idea that people are more willing to complain about bad service than they are to praise good service, you might just be surprised about the power of word of mouth. Customers who buy something great, or receive kingly treatment, may just tell their friends about it, and kick off a great word-of-mouth campaign that will bring in new business.

At the end of the day, happy customers are customers for life – and may just go on to inspire that same kind of loyalty in others.

Great Communication Keeps Small Problems Small

Even otherwise excellent companies struggle with communication from time to time. I won’t tell you that technology is always the first and best answer, but it can sometimes represent a much-needed first step into better customer service. A great example of this is a cloud-based phone system, which could provide your company with the flexibility it needs to answer customer calls quickly and effectively.

If you find yourself shopping around for a VoIP provider, look for one that will work with you to create a communication network that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

It Helps You Stand Apart from the Competition

There’s only so much variation between companies when it comes to price; you can try all day to undercut the other guy, but after a certain point you’re only hurting yourself. One thing you need to remember is that lower prices are not the only opportunity you have to distinguish yourself from your primary competitors.

Customer service is frequently more important. For all its claims of rock-bottom prices, Amazon isn’t always the cheapest; where they really shine, though, is prompt and courteous customer service.

Great Customer Service Improves Your Public Image

The Internet is a big place, and it’s filled with people who are ready to give their opinion at the drop of a hat. In some cases, public sentiment is the very first impression a prospective customer will have of your business; ensuring that it’s a positive one will have a lasting impact on your success.

This comes back to the word of mouth aspect I mentioned before, but let’s take it a step further: a good public image can interpreted in a number of ways by new customer; first, it will give them a certain amount of confidence that your company is going to be around for quite a while. It also indicates that you genuinely value your customers, and who wouldn’t choose that over a faceless, standoffish company any day of the week?

About Emily Swartz

As the Social Community Manager at Broadview Networks, I enjoy sharing valuable content across all our social platforms. I particularly love writing for our blog because it gives me the opportunity to share tangible advice on how businesses can leverage technology to gain competitive advantages, control costs, provide superior service, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Find me on Google+

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