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Prepare for the Future with the Cloud

The advent of cloud technology has been so quick and so revolutionary that no one could really fault you for not being able to keep up with all of the recent innovations. If you keep hearing about “the cloud” and everything it can do for you, but still don’t know where to start, here’s a quick rundown of what cloud technology offers and how you can put it to work in your home or place of business.

What Is The Cloud?

It’s easy to write off the phrase “the cloud” as just another trendy buzzword - after all, the cloud isn’t really a thing, at least in the physical sense. Rather, it’s a method of creating networks and connections between computers and other devices.

To give you an example: Adobe has completely stopped selling boxed copies of their renowned Creative Suite software. Instead, users now pay a subscription cost and access the Creative Suite features they need right from the cloud.

Cloud Storage

It seems there’s a new cloud storage provider almost every day, offering increasingly huge amounts of storage for free and locking additional storage behind a paywall.

So why has cloud storage taken off the way it has? One undeniable factor is our obsession with ever-smaller portable devices, whether they’re smartphones or laptops. Cloud storage allows us to eschew bulky physical storage solutions like hard drives in favor of cloud storage.

The key advantage here is the ability to “push” any changes you make to your personal files to your other cloud-enabled devices. It ensures that everything is always up-to-date.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

One aspect of cloud technology has the potential to be even more transformative than the rest. Cloud phone systems, or hosted VoIP, may come to represent the future of communication technology. It’s become a favorite solution among cable cutters and businesses alike, since it allows the user to emancipate from traditional copper phone lines and all of the fees, contracts, and inconveniences that come with them.

Most of the VoIP providers out there today offer solutions for both individuals and for businesses, making it a great fit for a work-at-home freelancer or for a large corporate workforce.


While it’s going to be difficult to completely reinvent the home media industry and convince people that they don’t need to buy (for example) TVs and movies on disc-based media any longer, this transition is already in progress.

More and more people are relying on cloud-centric content providers such as Amazon, Apple, and Google to provide their home entertainment needs. It means that we don’t need to store or transport cumbersome media around with us any longer; instead, we can use the cloud to access our favorite entertainment wherever we go.


Finally, the cloud has been providing solutions in the corporate setting for companies that rely on collaboration and access to a shared pool of resources. Now, everyone in an office or a specific department can have access to the same tools and documents without storing them on local PCs and laptops or wondering about who has the most recent version.

In short, the cloud is a technology with far-reaching implications. As far as we’ve come, it’s going to be thrilling to see where the cloud goes next.

Russ Fordyce

About Russ Fordyce

Russ is the Managing Director of Marketing at Broadview Networks where he works to help consultants and business owners better understand and put technology to use so they can transform how their employees get work done and improve results.

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