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5 Summer Vacations We Wish We Had Planned

For many of us, the long months of summer represent chances to venture into the world and see other places. The only question is how far away from home you want to go.

The list below is a short one, but it should have something for everyone, whether you want to travel within the U.S. or get a little more adventurous and visit another country. If you’re looking for somewhere amazing to visit this summer, but need a little help deciding where to go, take a look at the following summer vacation recommendations; you’ll be glad you did.

Island-Hopping in The Bahamas

Summer is one of the best times to visit the Bahamas; you’ll be able to take advantage of the relatively less crowded beaches and the cheaper hotel rates that come along with the slight lull in tourism. This is also the perfect destination for explorers: the Bahamas are made up of many smaller islands, each with their own surprises and personality. Or you could just pick a beach somewhere and take it easy. Your choice.

Getting Immersed in Culture in San Francisco

San Francisco really is one of the cultural capitals of the United States. You can spend your vacation trying out exotic restaurants and boutiques, browsing the hundreds of distinctive shops, or visiting landmarks like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf. There really is something for everyone.

Getting Romantic in Paris

Widely considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, France’s City of Lights is packed with memorable sights to take in, great food to eat, and many charming shopping districts eager to welcome travelers. If you don’t want to completely cut yourself off from your life back home, you can still keep in touch with everything that demands your attention thanks to your VoIP provider, which can do for you what your cell provider almost certainly can’t: let you communicate long-distance without additional charges.

Combine Exploring with the Comforts of Home in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Many of us tend to forget that the Virgin Islands are a United States territory – probably because they feel so far from the familiarity back home. While you can lose yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and enjoy the nearly perfect climate, you can still take advantage of several comforts of home: your phone will work just fine without roaming (meaning you won’t have to rely on a cloud-based phone system), and there’s no exchange rate to worry about: the currency is U.S. dollars.

Enjoying the Outdoors in Vancouver

This Canadian city might seem like an unlikely pick alongside rather more exotic locations, but it really does hold its own as a desirable vacation destination. Vancouver is home to a number of world-class parks, art galleries, and more outdoor activities than you could do in several lifetimes. It really is no surprise that Vancouver caught the eye of the Olympic Committee.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas for the next time you’re planning a summer vacation. Just remember that wherever you decide to go, VoIP can be there for you when every cell provider (and their roaming charges) have left you in the lurch.

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