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Boost Productivity with Salesforce!

When you make the decision to invest in a CRM application such as, you have a number of different goals: to maximize the potential of your leads, to close as many deals as possible, and to miss fewer opportunities, to name a few. But Salesforce is more than just a means to an end – it’s an investment, and you want to get all that you can out of it.

So, are you getting the best possible return on this investment? Here’s an industry secret: not only does Salesforce provide your sales representatives with up-to-date and reliable lead information as well as the ability to close deals from anywhere…it also provides you the opportunity to find out which of your team members are hitting the mark, which are going above and beyond, and which are falling short. This CRM application, when integrated with an OfficeSuite cloud phone system, could actually save you money by pinpointing the employees and clients that are negatively affecting your profit margins, making it an investment that eventually pays for itself.

Gain Visibility
Insight into the inner workings of your sales team is the lifeblood of Salesforce. When you integrate your Salesforce program with a cloud-based phone system such as OfficeSuite, you’ll be able to oversee your team better than ever before. As a manager, you need this information in order to monitor efficiency, increase motivation, and provide suggestions.

Salesforce allows you to:

  • View how many calls your sales reps are making each day.
  • Track call lengths for consistency.
  • Identify frequent callers.

Nurture Relationships
When you receive an incoming call, OfficeSuite’s Salesforce Connector provides you with records to let you know how past interactions with them have gone. This gives you the ability to improve your dialogue with every call and never forget to touch on important points of conversation.

Streamline Processes
With just one click, Salesforce Connector allows you to dial, answer, hold, park, transfer, or conference a call. No more fumbling. No more mishaps with the mute button. Plus, you can call from any integrated device, whether it’s your OfficeSuite phone, your PC Softphone, or your OfficeSuite mobile app for iPhone® and Android™. Finally, log calls and notes easily so you can run reports and analyze efficiency.

Impress your current customers by remembering the details and showing them that you have a personal relationship. Maximize leads by always having the right contact information at your fingertips. Celebrate members of the team who go above and beyond and identify what issues cause members to fall short of their goals. When integrating Salesforce with an OfficeSuite cloud phone system, your company will be more efficient than ever before.

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