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5 Telltale Signs your Company has Outgrown its Business Phone System

If there’s one word to describe business owners, it’s busy. Oftentimes, they’re so busy that they don’t take a second to step back and see what’s really happening. You’re so into your daily routine – which may actually be quite chaotic – that you don’t get the opportunity to pat yourself on the back for realizing how much your business has grown!

That moment you realize that you’re more successful this year than you were the last is a glorious one. Almost immediately after, though, you’ll realize the business is outgrowing some of the things that make it run: the office, the size of the staff, the servers…and, even the business phone systems.

If you suspect your company might be long overdue for a bigger phone plan, here are some ways to tell.

You Can’t Keep Up with Customer Service
If you’re having a lot of customers call your office, that’s a good thing. If you’re talking with clients often, that’s a good thing. But if your phone system is limiting what you can do, that’s no good. For a larger business, it’s important to ensure that your employees can receive calls whether they’re working from home, a hotel room, or the office. It’s also important to make sure that your phone systems aren’t finicky and that all calls are getting answered. If you’re receiving more and more phone calls each day, but not every call is being quickly answered, it may be time to upgrade.

You’re Having Trouble Tracking KPIs
You’ll hit a certain point where you want to know how many calls each employee is taking and how long these calls are lasting for. That way, you can make sure that your company is equipped with only dedicated employees. You need a system that integrates with your office suite so you can keep track of these things, reward your hard-working employees, and identify what needs improvement.

Your Phones Don’t Integrate
It’s important to keep up with technology to streamline the processes of your business. If your phone doesn’t integrate with your cloud and your business’s software or CRM system, then it’s time to upgrade! A business that’s growing needs a phone system that is easily integrated so you can keep track of all communications and update your phone systems easily. Growth means change, and you need a system that can adapt to change.

It’s Not Easy to Add Phones
With a cloud-based phone system, you can add a phone or a line with a few clicks. With an old-school phone system, it requires a call to your provider and a few extra steps. You want to be prepared to take on new employees, since there’s no saying how soon you’ll need them. If it’s too much of a pain to add a line, then it’s probably not the right system for you.

Your Phones Drain Time
In a nutshell, if your phone, or anything in your office for that matter, requires you to do something manually, then it’s not going to be sustainable in the long run. Get something that works fluidly with everything else in your office so that it’s the farthest thing from your mind when hiring new employees and taking on new clients.

Russ Fordyce

About Russ Fordyce

Russ is the Managing Director of Marketing at Broadview Networks where he works to help consultants and business owners better understand and put technology to use so they can transform how their employees get work done and improve results.

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