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5 Ways to use Tech Tools to Keep your Business Productive in Bad Weather

We’re in the midst of storm season. In many regions, that could mean power outages and office closures: a business owner’s worst nightmare. You can’t keep everyone in the office when the power goes out during a terrible thunderstorm, but you also can’t really stand to lose those productive hours, either.

It’s always important to have a disaster recovery plan – but what if you didn’t have to recover from lost profits and productivity? In some cases, technology can help. Here are a few tech tools you can use to keep things running even when weather gets in the way.

Make Sure Everyone has E-Mail Access
Ensure that all employees have an application on their smartphones – or some other way – that allows them to access e-mail. You don’t want there to be any missed communication when it comes to alerting everyone whether the office is open, whether there’s a virtual meeting, or about what work will still be expected to be completed.

Cancelled Meeting? Video Conference Instead!
If you’ve had to send everyone home due to a power outage or close down the office because of a fallen tree, that doesn’t mean all meetings for the day should be called off or postponed. Just have everyone connect to the internet from home and use video conferencing to resume face-to-face communications. You can also show presentations remotely with many kinds of video conferencing software.

Share Documents with the Cloud
If you’ve been collaborating on a project or preparing for an upcoming convention, you can’t really afford to take the day off from it. Use a cloud-based file-sharing application to collaborate on document and presentation edits. They allow you to see who is making what changes while leaving comments and having discussions. It keeps everyone on the same page and allows projects to move forward, no matter where you are.

Use Cloud Phone Systems to Reroute Calls
When it comes to business phone systems, using a service that’s based in the cloud is crucial for averting disaster. Cloud-based phones allow you to re-route your office phone to your cell phone so you don’t miss any important phone calls. You can also use a softphone to launch a virtual phone from your computer so you can check your voicemail, receive phone calls, and make phone calls from home. Your clients and business associates will be none the wiser!

Use E-Mail Faxing
If you’ve got clients who still communicate through fax, don’t fret – you can get a service that allows you to receive faxes through your e-mail. Even if you’re not making sales or testing codes while you’re out of the office, you can still be receiving important documents, managing expenses, taking care of accounting, and more.

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