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Balance Work and Life with the Cloud

Some people, when they hear the word “businessman”, “businesswoman” or “entrepreneur,” think of someone who is constantly away on business, working long hours at the office, or generally stressed out. Some people may even worry that “businessmen and businesswomen” don’t have enough involvement in the lives of their children.

As with anything, balance between your work life and your personal life is important. If you’re someone who’s very career oriented, but also wants to make sure that you’re spending ample time with your family, it’s important to find ways to get your work done without spending too much time away from home. Recent developments in cloud technology can facilitate this.

Cloud-Based Calendars – Make Time for Family and Work
Business advisors have often mused over the importance of making lists and schedules – and sticking to them – in order to prioritize and make the best use of your time. Thanks to the cloud, you’ve got no excuses for straying from your schedule. You can use an app like Google Calendar or Notes to make lists of high-priority projects and mark off important events. You can access these calendars or lists from any internet-connected device. That way, you’ll never forget about your son’s championship game, nor will you be late to that big meeting. If you’ve got some down-time at home, you can check your list and work on some small tasks to shorten it.

Cloud-Based Phones – Work from Anywhere
The latest cloud phone systems make it possible to access your work phone from your cell phone, computer, or tablet by using an app. When people call your office phone, you can receive that call as well as return it from your cell phone, all while showing your office phone number and not your personal number.

Let’s say your daughter is ill and needs to take the day off from school. Rather than drop her off at daycare, you can use this opportunity to bond together by working from home. You won’t miss a beat since your coworkers can still reach you easily on your cell phone by dialing your extension, and you can check your business voicemail throughout the day using a free app, like the OfficeSuite Voicemail app. However, you can still take the time to care for your daughter and watch movies with her during her sick day – even if you’re working. Cloud phones also allow you to take your health into your hands – you don’t have to suffer through illness just to go to work and be on a conference call. You can join the conference call on your cell phone or laptop thanks to OfficeSuite HD Meeting – a complete solution that includes video conferencing and web conferencing. You can even have a more relaxing vacation without worrying if deals are being closed or emergencies are happening.

Cloud-Based Document Editing – Work on your Own Time
Sometimes, your schedule is going to clash with the schedules of your associates. If there’s a contract you need to discuss or some copy that needs to be improved, you might not be able to get together and talk about it during normal business hours. This doesn’t mean you have to skip dinner to make time for a meeting. Instead, you can upload the document to the cloud, make your edits, and allow your coworkers to review them and insert their own comments whenever they have time. A great solution for cloud-based collaboration is Broadview’s Hosted SharePoint®.  It helps you avoid spending more hours at work while still getting the discussion kick-started.

What are your favorite cloud-based apps that help you strike a healthy balance? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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