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Service Spotlight: Broadview’s Mobile Apps

Be honest: how many adults do you know that don’t use a smartphone? The answer is probably not very many. There are so few websites that don’t have a mobile-friendly website – so many services that don’t have a complementary app. It’s gotten to the point where your personal phone/laptop/tablet doubles as your work phone/laptop/tablet and vice versa.

There are so many benefits to living in our mobile world, so rather than try to resist, Broadview has joined in on the hype. The two Broadview mobile apps – the OfficeSuite Mobile Softphone and the OfficeSuite Voicemail App– are available for both Apple and Android, and they’re making sure you never miss a beat.

The OfficeSuite Mobile Softphone App
This app allows Broadview clients to create a seamless transition between the office, the home, and on-the-go. It can be powered up from any device, whether it’s an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy, and allows you to make and receive phone calls as though you were sitting at your desk. It displays your business phone number so you can keep things professional with your clients and colleagues. It also doesn’t force you to use your personal phone plan’s minutes, even though you’re making calls from your personal phone. Instead, you use the virtually unlimited minutes that come with OfficeSuite.

The features of this app include Caller ID and call history, which allows you to see if you missed any calls on your work number right from your personal phone. It also offers extension-to-extension dialing so you can dial your colleagues quickly and easily, no matter where you’re calling from. Three-way calling, call holding, and call transferring are also offered through this app.

When you think about it, the benefits are manifold:

  • Make business calls from your smartphone without using your own minutes – even if you call internationally
  • Make you and all your associates available, no matter where they are
  • Check your call history for a faster response time
  • Only have one number to give out to clients – don’t feel the need to give out your personal phone number

You’re essentially saving money while improving your business in terms of communication, quick response, and accessibility when you use this app.

The OfficeSuite Voicemail App

With the previously mentioned app, you can check your call history and return calls from the same number to avoid confusion. With the OfficeSuite Voicemail App, you and your employees can check your work voicemail accounts from anywhere. With just your extension number and your voicemail password, you can access any messages you’ve received while away from your desk. Gone are the days of disgruntled customers who couldn’t get in touch with customer service. Never again miss a business opportunity because you did not responded quickly enough.

These two apps are revolutionizing your business’s processes by giving you access to your business phone number and contacts anytime, anywhere.

Russ Fordyce

About Russ Fordyce

Russ is the Managing Director of Marketing at Broadview Networks where he works to help consultants and business owners better understand and put technology to use so they can transform how their employees get work done and improve results.

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