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Broadview Networks Expands Award-Winning Support to its New Online Community

Everyone at Broadview Networks has one mantra that they live by: provide the best customer experience possible.

Our actions over the last 24 months prove that this has been the company’s ultimate goal. The Broadview team has surveyed customers religiously, improved internal processes, enhanced services, and implemented new employee training programs. Ultimately, we increased customer satisfaction ratings and engagement to our highest-levels ever . . . but we have not stopped there. We are now launching an online community to make it easier for customers to find support documentation on our OfficeSuite® portfolio of cloud-based services.

Take a virtual tour of the new OfficeSuite community!

The Community Makes All OfficeSuite Support Documents Searchable

The new OfficeSuite® community will make it fast and easy for customers to find information on how to use the OfficeSuite® portfolio of cloud-based products and services, most notably Broadview’s award-winning OfficeSuite® Phone solution. The OfficeSuite® community will centralize our collective knowledge base and make all support documentation searchable by keyword. If customers do not find an answer to their question in the existing content, they may post their question and have it answered by a member of the Broadview Networks team or by another customer. The OfficeSuite® community provides the following types of resources for customers to reference:

• Frequently Asked Questions; • Demonstrative Videos; • Quick Start guides; • User Manuals;    • How-to Articles; • Webinars; • Product updates and New Feature Releases; • Best Practices

The Community is an Interactive Forum Where Customers can Engage with the Broadview Team and with Each Other

The OfficeSuite community will give us a forum in which to initiate two-way conversations between our subject matter experts, our agents and partners, and our customers, so that everyone can share their knowledge, insights and best practices. It will make us more unified as a company, and more importantly, more engaged with our clients so that we can continually improve upon customer satisfaction.

The Community Creates a More Social and Streamlined Customer Experience

The new OfficeSuite® community will help Broadview Networks create a stronger and more integrated social presence by serving as a hub for our website, blog and Twitter account. It will also create a more seamless customer experience by integrating various support websites, so that with a few mouse clicks customers can go from making updates and changes to their services, to viewing their bill, to finding answers on how to use their OfficeSuite® services. Since the community is built upon a responsive platform, it is easily accessible via smartphones and tablets making it ideal for busy professionals.

Visit the Community for the Latest News

Visiting the community is a great way to learn about the latest OfficeSuite® news including new features, service upgrades, free webinars for OfficeSuite® customers, free product trials and more!

About Emily Swartz

As the Social Community Manager at Broadview Networks, I enjoy sharing valuable content across all our social platforms. I particularly love writing for our blog because it gives me the opportunity to share tangible advice on how businesses can leverage technology to gain competitive advantages, control costs, provide superior service, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Find me on Google+

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