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Private vs. Public Cloud Offerings: Which Does Your Business Need?

You know your business should use cloud technology, and you know why: it’s faster, it’s available everywhere, it’s cheaper, etc. But what kinds of cloud offerings are right for your business? Many of the cloud solutions you and I use every day in our personal life are considered public cloud offerings. So what is the difference between private and public cloud offerings? And which should you use for your data center needs? I will answer these questions and explain the benefits of private virtual data centers, such as our own OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud.

Private vs. Public Cloud Offerings

Private virtual data centers, or vPDCs, are not a better, ‘new and improved’ alternative to virtual servers—they simply address a different need. Determining which solution is right for you is not necessarily dependent on the size of your company, although many times larger enterprise organizations will have a need for this type of Private Cloud offering. It is best to understand your company’s technological needs, such as compliance requirements and level of control desired, when determining which solution is better.

If I lost you at “Private Virtual Data Center” and “Virtual Servers”, hang in there!

Since I am a non-technical person immersed in a technical world, I’ll hopefully explain it in a way that a layman can understand. A private virtual data center is exactly that, it’s a data center, which is an environment of servers where you store information. It’s virtual which means it physically exists somewhere outside of your premises and connected to you via the Internet. It’s available to you anywhere via a Virtual Security Gateway. (If you’re ever worked from home and logged onto your company’s network via a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, you understand the concept.) A virtual data center solution, such as Broadview’s OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud, is much cheaper than your company building and maintaining its own data center. With OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud, you can rent whatever storage you need from one of our data centers for a fraction of the cost. Finally, it’s private in that you are the only ‘tenant.’ In contrast, Broadview’s Virtual Servers are ‘multi-tenant’ offerings, which simply mean we take a server and carve it up into smaller portions that are rented to multiple businesses. One server could run all the applications in secure sessions for four different companies! Every company gets the computing power it needs but at a fraction of the cost of buying and maintain a whole server.

Level of Control

Virtual private data centers are not for everyone because they are self-managed environments. For larger organizations with IT departments, this is not an issue; rather, it is the level of control they seek. In contrast, with our Virtual Servers, your business manages only the applications it loads onto them, and you leave the rest to our Broadview team of engineers.

Administrative-level Access

One of the other key differences between Virtual Servers and OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud is that PrivateCloud provides administrative-level access across the entire infrastructure. Your business would have its own virtual security appliance (firewall, load balancer and virtual router), its own virtual (or optional physical) servers and the option for a dedicated virtual SAN controller storage and associated storage. This level of administrative control is just like having your own data center, without the capital expense, which is a huge cost-savings benefit. Your business also has the ability to create a true hybrid cloud environment by extending your non-Broadview MPLS network directly into our data centers.

Benefits of Virtual Servers vs. OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud

OfficeSuite® Virtual Servers

OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud

  • More price competitive – lower cost
  • Simple for clients to manage: your business needs to manage its applications, we do the rest
  • Perfect fit for smaller businesses
  • Good entry package into the Cloud: removes single points of failure and risk from your company’s environments
  • Server configuration done through an online portal; new resource adds done by Broadview
  • Significantly higher functionality and flexibility, but at a higher price point
  • Provides administrator-level control for Virtual Machines, firewall and more for clients who want to manage their environments
  • Hybrid cloud capability to manage premises and cloud environments as one.
  •  Unparalleled scalability for businesses that have or expect substantial growth
  • Better support for compliance requirements (HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, etc.)


How Our Clients Use OfficeSuite® PrivateCloud

  • First example is a nationwide manufacturer of vehicle and fleet management solutions.  PrivateCloud allows them to avoid having to invest additional capital into their premises VMware-based data center, which is over capacity.
  • Another example is an IT services, consulting and software development organization who uses PrivateCloud as a hosting platform for their program management and decision tracking application suite.
  • Lastly, a national healthcare consultancy group that provides SaaS applications to healthcare institutions uses PrivateCloud as their exclusive delivery platform for this service out to their clients. Our migration technology allowed them to migrate from their existing virtual servers into PrivateCloud with zero downtime!

If you’re in the market for Virtual Servers or a private virtual data center solution, you can get a free consultation with one of our cloud solution engineers. They’ll help you understand your options and show you how everything will work in your organization.

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