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Harness the Unique Features of the OfficeSuite Phone System

Not enough business managers put aside the time to properly experiment with, and train their teams on, new technology in the office. For that reason, there’s a lot of unharnessed potential in the office’s software, projectors, and especially phones.

If you’ve recently upgraded to the OfficeSuite business phone system, you’re probably enjoying its versatility and ‘anytime, anywhere, any device connectivity’. But are you really unleashing its full potential to make your job easier? Here are a few things to take advantage of.

Unlimited Long Distance Calling
With your old phone system, you probably limited the amount of time you spent on the phone with your international partners or clients and resorted to e-mail as the main form of communication. However, these business phone systems, since they work through the cloud, allow you to make phone calls to anywhere in the world without worrying about jacking up the cost of your phone bill.

Voice to E-Mail
Because you can take your phone with you wherever you go via computer and smartphone apps, you never have to miss a call. But if you do happen to be away from your business phone, you can still stay in the loop. OfficeSuite provides you the option of having your voicemail messages transcribed and sent to your e-mail so that you can check them while you’re at a conference or in a loud room. Alternatively, you can just have a text message sent to your cell phone alerting you that you’ve got a voicemail so you can check it ASAP.

HD Meeting
When your business phone system offers HD video meetings, distance is no longer an obstacle. You can hold face-to-face meetings no matter where everyone may be – and you no longer need to fly in employees from other offices. These meetings allow someone to be the “host” and show whatever they like on the screen, whether it’s a presentation, a document, or a whiteboard. This makes it easy to collaborate as though you were all in the same conference room, despite the fact that one of you is home sick while the other is in a hotel and the rest are in an office across the country.

Virtual Receptionist
Make sure that all your calls go to the right place so that your customer service is speedy and accurate. The Virtual Receptionist feature is a professional way to greet callers and have them directed to the right people every time they call. You no longer need to worry about hiring a receptionist and finding someone to cover the front desk during lunch breaks – Virtual Receptionist does all the work for you!

Make Changes to the Phone System Anytime, Anywhere

The OfficeSuite phone system is easily managed online via a user-friendly portal that you can access on any internet-connected device. This is great for last-minute changes because of bad weather or office closings due to holidays. You can sit in your pajamas on your couch and with a few clicks, redirect calls to other phones such as home or cell phones, having incoming calls go to voicemail, implement Holiday or Emergency greetings so that callers know your office is closed, and so much more.

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