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How to Streamline Communication in a Multi-Site Business

When your company opens more offices across the country seeing the growth is really exciting. Of course, with that excitement comes a whole subset of new challenges that you and your employees will face. One of the most difficult, yet important, things to adjust to is communication. When people are spread out across different time zones, working on different schedules, and attending different meetings, collaboration can be difficult.

Multi-site businesses need a cloud phone system.
Multi-site businesses can connect all their locations with one cloud phone system.

OfficeSuite is one of the best phone systems for multi-site business, and for good reason. Here are a few reasons to consider using this solution as a phone system for your multi-site business.

No matter how many offices you have, you only need one phone system.
When you’re at your desk and you want to dial the number of someone within your company, it’s ideal if you can just type their four-digit extension. This way, you can pass around a list of all employees’ extensions and create speed dial buttons for the employees and offices you call most often. No one has time to memorize multiple full phone numbers. This is why many multi-site offices love OfficeSuite; just because someone is in a different office doesn’t mean you need to look up their full phone number, and you most certainly don’t need to manage multiple phone contracts! It’s just as easy as if everyone were in the same office.

Enjoy dependability on a budget.
Not only can multiple phone systems get confusing, they can get expensive to maintain and keep track of. Since OfficeSuite gives you just one bill for a range of services, you’re no longer susceptible to hidden fees, no longer need to invest in new equipment, and no longer have the headache of remembering which company to call for maintenance.

Open many lines of communication.
Sometimes, a phone call just won’t do. You might need to hold a meeting or send a fax, but video conferencing and fax lines just add more hassles and more  expenses…right? Not with OfficeSuite. You can communicate virtually however you want, whether it’s via international calls, online faxing, HD video conferencing, and more. With OfficeSuite you even get unlimited long distance calling for those times you do want to call your other offices. No matter where in the world your employees may be, you can always reach them in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

All features work across all sites.

Our phone system features work within and across locations, including Intercom and Call Center Services. You can set up incoming calls to ring certain locations or all locations, depending on our company’s needs. Once again, it’s budget-friendly—there are no extra setup, linkages or services required to have features work across multiple offices.

Turn any phone at any site into your own.

If you have employees who work from different locations, then you need Hot Desking. Even if you work out of the same office every day, having the ability to go into a conference room and log into that phone and make it yours in about thirty seconds is incredibly convenient. By typing in your extension and password, the phone instantly shows all your speed dial buttons and settings, and even gives you access to your voicemail. No more having to move phones around when employees switch offices, either temporarily or permanently.

Administrate with ease.
If it’s easier for you, OfficeSuite allows you to divide the bill up amongst locations. If it’s not, you can have it all in one place. You can add phone lines, schedule calls, block numbers, and more, all from one online administrative panel. No more waiting on hold with the phone company to make a simple change!

Don’t be afraid of growth.
With the click of a mouse, you can add new offices and employees, create phone lines, and order new phones. Now, when your company expands, you can focus on being excited rather than afraid of the change. The same goes for if you want to shrink down to just one office or allow employees to work remotely.

Hear what some of our multi-site customers had to say!

“OfficeSuite gives me the ability to monitor and control the entire system from one website.  When I login, I can literally see every phone in the whole company. As the IT director for a multi-site business, having that visibility and control is priceless.”

IT Director, American Dental

“We love the flexibility that is available with the OfficeSuite system. Having the same look and feel at all our locations was very important to us. The ease of management that the system brought to our staff was very important as well. ”

Chief Technology Officer, Cumberland County College

“OfficeSuite made it possible for me to work from home and it’s like I never left the main office."

VP Operations, The Haber Group


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