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Amazing Apps to Look For in 2015

For those of you who own smartphones, here’s a question: what don’t you use it for? These days, they can do everything from check our heart rates to help us check things off our grocery lists quickly to bid for us on eBay to turning up the heat before we even get home. Considering things have gone this far, we can only expect that they’ll go further in 2015.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at some of the cool apps that are in the works for next year so we can find even more reasons to have our smartphones glued to our hands.

Smartphone Drivers’ Licenses
It’s recently been announced that come next year, Iowa will be the first state to allow you to use your smartphone as your driver’s license. The state will release an app that contains all the details of your driver’s license and it’ll be accepted statewide in bars, when you get pulled over for speeding, when you’re flying out of an airport, and anywhere else you need to prove your identity within the state’s limits. Of course, it won’t be all that useful out of state until more states adopt the policy, but it’s really cool to think of a future in which we don’t have to stress when we realize we’ve forgotten our IDs at home (because, let’s be honest, most people are much more likely to forget their wallets than their phones).

Healthcare Apps
Though apps for healthcare have long been in the works, it’s expected that the mobile healthcare revolution will really take hold in 2015, with some 500 million projected users. The apps are expected to improve healthcare by allowing patients to manage their own health on the go, whether it’s by getting a prescription or referencing a policy at the doctor’s office.

Hotel Room Key Apps
As of recently, more and more hotels have been expressing interest in the potential to ditch physical room keys in favor of smartphone apps. Starwood Hotels has begun rolling out room key smartphone apps in 10 of its locations already, and although it’s currently invitation only for the hotel’s most frequent visitors, it’s likely to grow from there. Other hotels, such as Hilton, have already begun to follow suit. There are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out, such as accommodating guests who don’t wish to use apps or don’t have smartphones, but it’s something that’s very exciting to a lot of frequent travelers.

Unified Business Communication Apps
Offices are going mobile in more ways than one. Today, it’s not uncommon for employees to work 100% of their hours from home, but in 2015, expect to be able to work from virtually anywhere. Unified business communication systems such as OfficeSuite integrate your e-mail, calendar, documents, phone calls, video conferences, and more – and the associated mobile app allows you to access all these things from the cloud. You can listen to your work phone’s voicemail or join a conference call from your smartphone, so you can work no matter where in the world you may be. It’s truly the future of cloud computing.

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