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There’s Still Time to Please your Customers with Thoughtful Holiday Gifts

The end of the year may be right around the corner, but you know what they say – better late than never. If you’ve yet to get your clients a thoughtful gift for the holidays, don’t write off this great opportunity because you think you’re out of time. Sending something their way this time of year is a great way to end the year off on a high note, and while not sending a gift won’t likely negatively impact your relationship, taking the time to mail one out is a really easy way to improve it.

If you need something that’s just as quick and easy as it is thoughtful, here are a few holiday gifts that shouldn’t cause a headache.

Something Local
If you’ve got clients from all across the country, getting them a local treat is super thoughtful! Send out some sweetbread from your office in Hawaii, or some salt water taffy if you’re by the shore. It fits the bill because it’s something most of your clients likely can’t buy for themselves, but it’s also very easy for you to acquire and ship out.

A Donation to Charity
Find a charity that might be of interest to your clients and make a donation in their name. Then, send them the certificate for the donation. They might be inundated with food in the office from the holidays, so this is a feel-good alternative that won’t get lost in the mix. It will show that you genuinely appreciate your patronage, but since many charities allow online donations, you won’t even have to leave your office.

An E-Card with a Photo from the Office
Do you have a lot of clients that you correspond with daily, but have never seen face-to-face? They will appreciate getting to see the faces behind all the hard work! Have everyone wear their ugly sweaters and then take a photo. Send this out to your clients in e-card form to make sure they get it just in time. Again – it’s thoughtful, but you can do it right in the middle of a busy workday.

A Subscription to a Relevant Publication
Magazines and journals are another thoughtful non-food gift if you feel like putting in the work. If you get your clients a monthly subscription to relevant journals or publications, your gift will keep giving all year long. These subscriptions are relatively inexpensive and quite personal, so you can’t go wrong.

Office Supply Gift Basket
Every office has things they’re always running out of: Expo markers, notepads, hand sanitizer… Sending a thoughtfully curated basket of everything they might need is quite practical and will be highly appreciated.

A Quick Conference!
Not the gift-giving type? That’s okay – show you’re thinking of them by getting everyone on a quick video conference to wrap up the year and wish them a happy holiday. It’s the thought that counts!

Russ Fordyce

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