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What does your Office want from Santa this Year?

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to get in gear. As a business owner, you should be wrapping up as many end-of-year deliverables as you are gifts – and speaking of gifts, have you finished your holiday shopping?

Here’s a thought: your office deserves to get everything on its wish list, too. Maybe it’s time you finally moved your server over to the cloud, or ditched that antiquated instant messaging platform for something more integrated. If you’re not sure what to get your office for Christmas, here are a few things you could leave under the tree.

Cloud Servers
If you’ve yet to give your office the gift of cloud servers, all that can really be said is: what are you waiting for? When you move your servers over to the cloud, your office can enjoy streamlined business processes due to a centralized location for stored data and applications. This means fewer headaches for your IT team (and less working overtime) since you can outsource the routine management if you so choose. Pricing on cloud storage often works out to be less expensive, too, so you can give yourself the gift of freed-up budget space.

Integrated CRM Applications
One of the best things about cloud-based applications is the ability to thoroughly integrate them. If you’ve already treated your office to cloud phone systems, an integrated CRM application such as Salesforce can help your employees to organize conference calls, record calls, keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, store client information for easy accessibility and reminders, and more. Your team will be able to provide better customer service – which benefits your company as a whole – and they’ll love how integrated their goals, accomplishments, calendars, phones, and e-mail systems are. Plus, since it’s hosted in the cloud, no more freezing computers from too many apps!

New Phones or Headsets
Are your employees’ headsets getting to the point where they’re dilapidated, exposing interior parts and getting staticky mid-call? Sometimes, all your employees really want is a small upgrade for something they use every day. Upgrading the phones that they hold to their faces or the headsets that they wear all shift long may seem like a small gesture, but to them it seems like a huge upgrade. No one wants to have to sit on the phone for hours, not knowing how old that phone is or how many people have used it, and plus, if you can improve the quality of the call, why wouldn’t you?

New Chairs
Chairs are one of those things that you, as a business owner, don’t often think about. You already have them…why would you think about purchasing them? In truth, uncomfortable chairs can result in a lot of back issues and there are often small battles between employees who switch theirs out for better ones. Make everyone happy and splurge on some nice, new seats – or, take a poll and see if your employees would like standing desks!

Russ Fordyce

About Russ Fordyce

Russ is the Managing Director of Marketing at Broadview Networks where he works to help consultants and business owners better understand and put technology to use so they can transform how their employees get work done and improve results.

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