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Dental Practices Can Improve Patient Satisfaction with the Right Phone System

Modern dental practices utilize advanced practice management software like Henry Schein’s Dentrix for record keeping, billing and scheduling purposes. The missing equation in your office technology is the communication tool that personalizes the patient experience and connects your employees to your patients.

Communication is everything, and how you manage it makes all the difference in the world of patient retention. Here are the top things to consider when selecting the right phone system for your dental practice.

Finding a phone system that integrates to your patient management software is key to providing personalized patient relations and the most efficient practice. Advanced cloud-based phone systems that can offer seamless integration to your existing patient management solution allows the patient’s information to be displayed on the computer screen once the phone rings, so staff can see the patient’s name, age, balance and appointment history all before they even pick up the phone. Nothing is more personalized or efficient than having that kind of information at your fingertips.

Whatever phone system you choose, it’s imperative that you have complete and independent control over the system’s preferences, features and settings, without the need for IT support or technicians. In addition, you want to ensure that the system’s functions can be managed online, off-site when you need them most like unplanned office closures, emergencies and staff absences. Functions like incoming call routing, changing automated greetings and checking voicemail should all be readily accessible and manageable at anytime, on any internet-connected device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Cost is always a factor in any investment, especially a phone system for your business. Finding one that does not require out-of-pocket- expenses for phones and equipment and includes unlimited calling, the features you need most and does not require a maintenance contract, is the best route to go. Technology is constantly evolving, and you don’t want to be stuck with outdated phones and equipment only a year, or even a few months after implementing a new system.

Powerful Features
Your phone system should include all of the advanced features you need now and in the future. Features like built-in intercom that works across multiple offices, Auto Attendants to answer and direct calls, advanced voicemail options like voicemail to email, mobile apps, hot-desking and call coverage, are all tools that you should be on the lookout for to see if they are included.

Easy-to-Install and Use
The phone system you select should be up and running quickly and implementation should not exceed a day. Additionally, whichever phone system you select should be intuitive and easy-to-use and manage for both you and your staff.

Watch our dental customer’s video testimonial.

“The benefits of the OfficeSuite Dental™ phone system are greatly helpful in running our practice. Not only the phone features, but the Dentrix integration,    we love how everything is set up.”
 Dr. Rebecca Lauck D.D.S., Blue Stone Dental

“OfficeSuite Dental™ helps improve our patient care. It’s easy to use and it’s helping us grow our practice.”
Katrina Vickers David R. Brown D.D.S.

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