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With Windows Server 2003 Support Ending, Are You Planning your Upgrade?

It has recently been announced that Microsoft® will cease support for Windows Server 2003® and Windows Small Business Server 2003. This is not atypical of the life cycle of Windows services, but many companies—upwards of 15 million to be exact—continue to use these servers for their businesses and need to begin preparing for a shift. Moving to another server sooner rather than later will help you to reduce costs and ensure that your data is more secure. Let’s take a look at the benefits of seeking a new server.

No Support means No New Updates
Updates are critical to server performance, and in 2013, Windows Server 2003 saw 37 crucial updates. With the ending of server support from Windows, there will be no new updates, so things like security, glitches, and technical content will be compromised. Switching to a more current server will help you to maintain secure data storage with assistance and hotfixes when necessary.

No Support means Lessened Security
Hackers and malicious software target servers that they know are no longer supported, because they know the security will be weakened. If you switch away from Windows Server 2003, you can rest assured that your data will be secure and your company will be a less likely victim of security breaches. Even if there is an unexpected issue, such as a natural disaster, a secure server will allow your company to recover more quickly.

New Servers are More Compliant
Clients, payment processors, and auditors all favor servers that are supported. With an unsupported server, you’re giving up the potential for lots of new business and, should your business be audited, it’s not likely that you will pass. Transitioning to a new, cloud-based server will not only make you feel secure, but it will make others feel secure about your business as well.

New Servers will Save you Money
You’re probably well aware that a security breach could cost your business money – lots of money. The average breach has been known to account for $50,000 in sunk costs. However, modern servers, such as cloud data storage, offer scalable solutions and built-in application support, which allow you to make the most of your IT team and purchase only what you need. This could save your business thousands per year in overhead costs.

Even without a security breach, your business will have to spend thousands on buying new hardware if you have outdated servers that need upgrading. And that’s just for the servers themselves! That does not take into account the tens of thousands of dollars you’ll need to pay for upgrades and pay people to update it all for you. in other words, ‘doing it yourself’—while in regards to simple home improvements could really save you money—is the opposite when it comes to business technology. That is always cheaper, easier and smart to leave to the professionals—companies whose job it is to manage these types of services for businesses.

New Technology Means More Peace of Mind
If your business relies on lots of applications to run—think databases, billing, financials, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, etc—then you should be worried because your entire business is running on a server that will no longer be supported, so if something goes wrong you’re out of luck. But luckily, there are ways you can secure your applications and make sure they’re always available, accessible, updated and upgraded. Cloud service providers like Broadview Networks can migrate your applications to the cloud and take care of all the maintenance for you, saving your business time and money. This peace of mind you’ll gain by switching to the cloud can come in many options, not just ‘servers.’ Cloud services like hosted email, virtualized desktops and hosted applications all replace the need for you as a business to own and manage your own server. And again, the scales are tipped in your favor because it’s cheaper to rent these services than it is to buy and manage them in-house. Some cloud service providers make it even more appealing by migrating everything to the cloud for you.

Enjoy a Whole New World of Possibilities
Simply stated: upgrading your technology allows you to take advantage of modern solutions. Better performance, simplified management, and more comprehensive pricing options are just a few of the benefits you can reap when you switch to the cloud. Windows Server 2003 has not thought of the things that SMBs need in 2015 – modern solutions have, and facilitate your company’s growth.

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