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Harmful Myths that are Keeping Businesses Away from the Cloud

If you’re one of the millions of businesses that have already switched over to cloud computing, it’s probably difficult for you to understand what the rest of the world is waiting for. The fact is that the nature of cloud computing lends itself to the development of myths, many of which make businesses less willing to change the comfort of their old ways. In truth, avoiding switching to the cloud could actually be harming companies by causing them to lose out on signing on new customers and by damaging their customer service quality. Let’s take a closer look.

The Myth: The Main Reason you should Switch to the Cloud is to Save Money
It’s true that switching to the cloud can save you lots of money. The cloud has many benefits that make it worth switching, while your old computing systems may be more wasteful than you think.

The Myth: The Cloud is Less Secure because it isn’t On-Premises
It’s easy to understand why someone who has no experience with the cloud might perceive it as less secure. When you can’t physically see where your data is being stored, who knows what’s happening to it? That being said, clouds are actually very secure – there have been very few reported security breaches in the public cloud to date, while many infiltrations are still taking place in on-premises servers. In addition, there are plenty of security solutions and monitoring that are unique to the cloud. The security technology you get with cloud hosting is among the most advanced in the market. Plus, with the ability to back up everything you do into the cloud, it makes everything in your office more secure.

The Myth: The Cloud is Synonymous with Data Center
Moving over to the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean shutting down your existing data center and relocating it (though it can). Many people still use on-premises data centers, albeit smaller ones, since not as much space is needed. There are also plenty of other ways to use the cloud, such as by adopting cloud phone services or cloud business applications. If your business still isn’t comfortable moving to the cloud, you can take baby steps to test it out.

The Myth: The Cloud is Synonymous with Virtualization
Virtualization is a common way to enable cloud computing, but it’s not the only way to employ it. On top of that, virtualization isn’t enough – there will always be the need for manual manpower in order to make the cloud effective; that will never change. This is one of the biggest things that make people shy away from the cloud. It’s important to realize that it’s a tool for IT staff to leverage to make their jobs easier, not a replacement of them.

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