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How is OfficeSuite® Phone Different from the Rest?

As you set out to find the latest solutions for your company so that you can boost customer satisfaction and create less hassle for your employees, you’re going to be presented with a lot of options. Every product description will leave you wondering, why should I choose this option over the rest?

That’s exactly the thing: you want the solution that differentiates itself; the one with cutting-edge technology and that is superior to others on the market. We’re here to tell you the ways that OfficeSuite® Phone, our integrated communications system for the office, checks all those boxes while competitors fall short.

With OfficeSuite® Phone, Phones are Provided
When your business signs on with OfficeSuite, we gladly provide the materials required to get started, including the phones. With other companies, you could pay anywhere from $150 to $500 per phone. It’s easy, and it saves you money.

OfficeSuite® Phone Includes Advanced Features
Most business phone suites will require an extra charge for call groups, auto-attendant functions, hot-desking, click-to-dial, et cetera. OfficeSuite Phone includes these advanced features in your package without charging you extra.

OfficeSuite® Phone Provides Advanced Support
There’s a learning curve to OfficeSuite, as with any new technology. We make it fast and easy to get help by offering tech support via mobile devices and for multiple locations. You don’t need to call separate numbers for help if you run multiple offices – we can do everything remotely. With other providers, support will be limited, making things more complicated.

Video Conference…in HD
If other providers offer video conferencing, it’s not likely that they offer it in HD. Your connection will be crisp and clear so conversations flow smoothly and nothing gets lost in the ether. This is a standard offering from OfficeSuite – it’s not considered an add-on service – and it offers web conferencing services such as shared screens and instant messaging as well.

OfficeSuite® Phone Has Fully-Functional iPhone® and Android® Apps
When you leave the office, it’s like you’re still there – you can access your e-mail and even your office phone via mobile with our iPhone and Android apps. Access your voicemail, receive calls that are ringing your office phone, send e-mails, and more. Few other suites have apps that are as comprehensive as those that accompany OfficeSuite.

Enjoy Internet Fax
Finally, if you’re ready to do away with your bulky fax machine, OfficeSuite is the service for you. For no extra charge, you can send faxes with only your computer and a scanner or camera via OfficeSuite. Most other services don’t offer this capability, and if they do, they’re considered an add-on.

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